RULES THAT MATTER - Race 3 | The contest where you decide the restrictions!

Hello and welcome to my brand new challenge idea, Rules that Matter! I got the idea from a Minecraft YouTuber called Zisteau, and I’ve implemented it into Forza in a way that will hopefully be fun.
So, what is Rules that Matter?
Rules that matter is a series of races that will run for a little while, with the rules of each round being determined by a member of the community. However, in order to keep it fun, you have to stick to the restrictions from the previous weeks too. Over time, this will make it so that there is an oddly specific set of restrictions.
Who chooses the restrictions then?
I will enter every participant into a random draw, and whoever is picked out of the draw first picks the restriction; second picks the class.
How is the track determined?
By yours truly.
How long does a round last?
A round lasts for 7 days (Tuesday to Tuesday) with a 1 week break inbetween each round - 3 days for the restrictor to decide, then 3 more for the class to be chosen, then 1 for me to organise it.

This week’s challenge[/center]**
Car: 1999 or earlier, RWD
Class: C
Track: Tskuba Full Circuit


Rejus66 | '71 Skyline | 1:03.609
Wan Ge 1 | Datsun 510 | 1:03.672
HotLZ77 | Alfa GTA | 1:04.142
DRAGGINSLAYER01 | Renault 5 | 1:04.282
Frikki Tikki | Gremlin | 1:04.351
CostlessCape92 | Corvair | 1:04.477
CFunk2001 | 1994 MX-5 | 1:04.778
JazzyWriter3112 | Lancia 037 | 1:04.821
Yakov Alfa | DeLorean | 1:05.400
KoolIROCZ1967 | Gremlin | 1:05.426


Having oodles of fun with this one, Yabush! Decided to stick with the Corvair for a bit longer - 1:05.043 on lap 20 - saved replay to SF - PB on LB



Edit/ Time update - 1:04.841 on lap 9 - saved replay to SF

I’ve stuck with the 1958 Frog eyed Sprite.
1:04.748 - lap 9 - pb on the leaderboard. Replay on the storefront.

sweet… I can still go in my Gremlin… and, Yeah!.. it will be a C Class right away :wink: I only have to drag myself home for a while.

Me and my pony got a 1:05.426 - replay posted


Time update - 1:04.477 - lap 4 - replay posted


I didn’t save a replay yet … set a PB on the LB with the Renault 5 of 1.04.282 tho … that car would go low 1.03 super EZ not with me at the helm but I am positive I can hit 1.03’s with it so faster guys could slay the track with the Le Car on steroids

Here is my for the time being, don’t know if I will be able to improve though. :slight_smile:

1994 Mazda Miata MX-5


Lap 9

New time and car
1:03.974 - lap 10 - 1970 Datsun 510

I’m prepping my car, will have it running here soon. ; )


May I join? I have a few cars to try in this.

Sure, but first you must tell us the password. And perform the Forza Forum Family secret virtual handshake.

Welcome back, Bacon :wink: There are LOTS of Challenges to join in actually :wink: Hope you have plenty of gas left :wink:

Just filled up and ready. Just know that everybody should be ready for my really mediocre times. Here we go.

Make 1:03,778 on lap 3 with a Skyline '71. Replay on SF

Yes… Finally managed to get Forzatime…
Still going in the AMC Gremlin…
Did a 12 lap run in LB but got stuck with my best lap on the 6th with a 01:04.351
Replay and tune uploaded to SF

uh oh…kind sir I am yet a minion. I am not aware of such things. I still request the chance to enter your good graces kind and noble sir