Ruddy88's tunes - tunes for the poor man

heY guys, decided I’d have a go at tuning up some of the cheaper cars in the game, I’ve always liked the old 70’s body styles so have started a little collection but there’s no point in having a car that looks nice if it doesn’t go like stink and manage to stay on the road, so here’s a few of my tunes for some of the more… Affordable cars.

All tunes are made with No driving assists (tcs, smc, abs all off).

Camaro SS coupe
Tune name: A Grip
Creator: Ruddy88

Good to drive, not too drifty like most muscle unless you plant it, easy to maintain and gets some good speed quickly enough.

Datsun 510
Tune name: A Grip
Creator: Ruddy88

I love this little beast, but most of the tunes available are for drag tunes that handle horribly and are just every upgrade known to man thrown in with no care, so spent a bit of time trying to make her competitive and am pretty happy with the result. Really wanted the 6L V8 but it was just too much power and trying to keep it in A class, so opted for the stock engine with a Single turbo. Drives well, very responsive (so much so that had to tune down the turn in response). Not too bad out of the corners but if you want to drive her completely clean then just be a little considerate of the gas on the exit but even foot to the floor she drives well.

Celica GT
Tune name: A Grip
Creator: Ruddy88

Another great little weapon, both these cars performed very well in the cult classics championships both on and off road, handles very well and overall very similar to the Datsun above, same issue with the v8 engine so went stock and a CF charger, not much else to say, she drives well but can get a little bit drifts on the exits if going flat out but even so, easy to maintain. Both this and the Datsun have been gear tuned as well and get decent speed vs accel, both had a bit of a lag halfway through 3rd gear but have managed to smooth it out a fair bit.

That’s it for now, will get more up as I go, also have plenty of other tunes up, feel free to check them out, they go alright but have yet to fine tune: skyline black ed, lambo hurracan, local motors rally fighter (off-road), Subaru wrx sti 2011 and 22b sti 1998, and the Renault alpine A110 (which will be refined shortly). Check em out and let me know if you like them.

BEEP BEEP! We got some hot rides on the board. :smiley:

I look forward to trying some out :slight_smile:

Hope you do, just make sure you use NeonPiG777 's rusty paint jobs, makes it all the better when you slam past a modded up Ferrari

I love the rusty old paint job especially when you trick the car up. I found a paint job for my old Mercury Coupe in the recommended designs. It’s an old race car design but it’s been faded, and rusted, and looks like a barn find.

Ahh I’ve been chasing something like that for the Renault a110