Route creator is piece of [Mod Edit - D]

Normal route creator must allow start from any point, not only from events. Now it is very very bad…

Using existing starting points seems a far more intuitive way to do it for sharing purposes.


So? There are plenty of events to start from. Be creative.


I agree it’s hugely limiting, and prevents me from creating the one route I had any interest in creating, but I can see why the restriction is there, you’d have the entire map covered in icons for user-created routes if they allowed them to start anywhere.

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Nope, it was just a lazy design decision. They could and should have decided to use one entry point for all races only and just teleport you to the starting area. Nothing else happens, when you start a normal race, it has to load the track map with its boundaries and ramps etc. It would have sufficed to limit start points to tarmac or gravel roads.

We just can take guesses anyway till it’s there.

My guesses why the road creator will suck are others:

A) FH4 multiplayer sucks in general
B) A leads to B, only few people will actually race your map unless you promote a money-friendly map as youtuber or your club organizes a track creation competition
C) there will be tons of really bad and boring maps. Without community work (emphasis on work) finding and promoting the trues gems, it will be hard to keep interest.
D) The demonstration looked a bit limited. I only saw the ability to drop checkpoints and their width, no ramps, no boundaries, no visualizers.
E) In the demo the “drawn” race line wasn’t smoothed out. If this observation is correct, you will be able to “draw” misleading lines for the race.

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Anyone remembers the Drive-In in TDU? Program in that way…boom…problem resolved.

The team worked hard to give you the opportunity to increase the number of races available and to give you as the player the option to create you own customized races due to the community feedback requested.

Thanks for your further suggestion regarding the Route Creator as we’ll look into this as potential improvements with the new feature.