Rocket’s Forza Horizon 5 Drift School AWD. (12 Blueprints) on How to Drift

Rocket’s Drift School AWD (12 Blueprints)

  •   Intro - Foundational. Covers course car set up & settings. Includes 2 tunes if needed. Contains E-Brake exercise. 5K E-Drift Points = Pass. 163-776-112
  •   Level 1 - Basic E-Drifts Exercise. Collisions = point loss. 25K E-Drift Points = Pass. 396-286-692
  •   Level 2 - Advanced E-Drift Exercise. NO steering or collisions allowed. Points will reset. 20K E-Drift points = pass. 147-767-597
  •   Level 3 - Drift Basics Test. Hold drift angle/off road surface. Score enough drift points to get a passing grade. 541-236-018
  •   Level 4 - Advanced E-Drifting Test. E-Brake transitions on an off road surface). Gain E-Drift points to earn a passing grade. 174-689-670
  •   Level 5 - Basic Drifting Exercise. Hold drift angle on a new surface. 5 collisions = Fail. 106-390-325
  •   Level 6 - Advanced Drifting Test. E-Brake Transitions. Gain enough E-Drift points to earn a passing grade. 993-336-819
  •   Level 7 - Advanced E-Drift exercise w/extra props. NO steering or collisions allowed. Points will reset to zero. 20K E-Drift points = pass. 991-536-129
  •   Level 8 - Advanced Street Drifting Test. Small city/car park props/confined. Gain E-Drift points to earn a passing grade. 103-585-595
  •   Level 9 - Advanced Drifting Test. Collisions = point lossMixed surface/car park/dirt/pavement/confined) Gain enough drift points to earn a passing grade. 182-477-183
  •   Level 10 - Advanced Drift Test. No Hesi aka traffic props. Gain enough drift points to earn a passing grade. 418-994-298
  •   Level 11 - The Final Boss (Guanajuato, massive city route/confined/collisions=Point loss. Gain enough drift points to earn a passing grade. 164-360-932

•What - It’s a 12 part course with exercises and tests to help you obtain a foundation & or a new driving style.

•Who - This is for inexperienced players having a hard time accomplishing drift zones or people who want to try a new driving style.

•Why - Many people have a difficult time with Forza drifting so I put this together so people without direction or a foundation can have some guidance. Use this foundation to build off of. After you pass the school, I recommend mastering manual shifting & or rwd drifting.

•When - I strongly recommend only moving on to the next level when you score a B or higher in most levels, otherwise you’ll have issues completing the next level. Crush the intro before moving on to level 1. Replay levels 1-2 if you’re having a hard time with them & they will prepare you for levels 3-4. Levels 3-4 will prepare you for anything.

•How - The intro will explain how to set up your car & settings but if you want to try vehicles already set up, try the 3 tunes below. You’ll still need to turn off traction control though. These multipurpose setups/cars can often be used in drift zones, speed zones/traps, danger signs & Trail Blazers.

If you have any questions, just ask. Good luck!

Forsberg Racing Datsun 280Z 602-559-967
2020 GR Supra - 146-927-904
1997 BMW M3 - 130-308-686

Still images from video👇🏼