Road racing vs. Dirt/Cross country

Which do you prefer…road racing or the latter?

I prefer road races.

Changes from moment to moment based on capricious whimsy. Some days I might even want to race some ridiculous old Speed Racer looking car on Cross Country races.

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I’m a CC racer at heart. But to be fair I enjoy them all. My favourite would have to be S2 mixed.

I like variety and I miss snow racing.

Most of the time I prefer Dirt Racing as it is more challenging than road racing and more easy to make mistakes…but also gives more opportunity to gain time. My preferences are:

  1. Dirt
  2. Road
  3. Street
  4. Drag
  5. Cross Country

I just hate CC with a passion so avoid it unless absolutely necessary or when racing other players

hundred percent road racing

less RNG with weird bounces and requires more skill to be fast as you have to nail specific lines to be the fastest, dirt and cc have various lines you can take through corners (still require lots of skill to be fast)

I prefer Road Races, but Dirt/CC are fine as well!

Road, then dirt, then cross country. I can’t really show how much of a gap in enjoyment there is between dirt and cross country though.

Usually road/street racing because the majority of cars are designed for it and thus feel natural on tarmac providing a lot of variety to choose.
Dirt is also fun and there are some cool tracks. S2 is too fast for Dirt though.
CC clearly the least favourite category. I absolutely despise RNG in racing and CC is the epitome of RNG. Most tracks have way too many big jumps leading to a lack of flow. Ek Balam is the only CC-track I like. Probably because it’s the track with the least amount of RNG and favours actual driving precision.

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I like them all, but street is probably my favourite. It’s a dynamic challenge that removes the crutches (walls) that way too many people rely on.

I think cross country is my least liked for 2 reasons:

  1. I like to keep cars within their intended purpose. That leaves me with a lot more selection for street, road, and dirt than it does for Cross Country.

  2. It is the most arcade-like of all the races. Smashing through fences, landing jumps that would destroy any car. It’s stupid fun for a while but loses my interest quickly. I’d be far more interested in Cross Country if it took a more simulation approach, and was more like snow/mudrunners. More of a fight against the environment as opposed to gliding over it.

Seriously an open world racing game with as realistic physics as possible while still being good to play on controller is my dream car game. Street, Road and Dirt definitely make some arcade concessions, but they are more tolerable. Cross Country is pure arcade nonsense. I still enjoy it on occasion, and I really do like the cross country tracks in this game, but it doesn’t have the same lasting appeal that the other race types do for me.

Edit: never mind I forgot about drag racing. Drag racing is definitely my least favourite. By a wide, wide margin. Never got the appeal, in game or in real life. To me it’s just boring. Nothing more than pointless **** measuring that inevitably means nothing.

I much prefer road/street/drag racing mainly due to fact that is what the majority of the cars in FH5 were designed for. Tarmac is king and the C/C and O/R I can leave and often do!

Dirt racing is very easy in FH5. I prefer a little challenge so i do road racing most. Specially street scene.

Also i rarely get to drive my fav cars, or specialized dirty cars in any event (thanks PPgs for that) so, again, road racing all the way.

Cross Contry is by far my least favourite although there is a few of the races that are actually good.

I like the rest.

The latter.

I like road/street race
In Road race it is more clear to feel the grip and feedback from the road and cars.
So I know what when wrong and improve it to get fast.
And road race it is easier to have someone drive with same pacing so we got more close racing.

Dirt race is less feedback and I generally dont understand how to improve the cornering. I just slide around it and hope for the best.
Dirt track is more interesting with longer track and more corner than road race. But often it is too narrow for 12 cars online race.
I think online dirt race in this game should limited less than 8 cars.

CC are mostly on boring-flat-grass-field with some checkpoint So I think it is uninteresting.
Not only it is like drive on ice and also drive on nothing most of the time.
Sometime they pass some good location but then it go back to nothing.

I think CC is not well make in this game.
They try to put some jump on it to make it fun but when landing player cars get slow down alot.
With hidden thing throw you off it is annoying

Sadly many offroader is well make with many visible moving parts.
I like those buggy with RTX graphics cards on the back.

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People that don’t like CC or S2 mixed are probably not great at it.

For CC make sure to use the right car/tune. This is not road/street where you need a car with good grip. CC is all about powerful cars and sliding that back around corners.

As for S2 mixed, the trick isn’t to max out PI. It’s all about control. You want a car that you can control. You’re going to go fast, real fast and when you do you must maintain control.

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For me personally, S2 Mixed is just too quick…I don’t have the reactions for S2 racing on dirt…I can only just about manage S2 on Roads!

For Cross-Country, a lot of my hatred for it is down to racing the AIs and their cheat physics…I do enjoy it when racing with other people in a convoy though. I do, however, find it tedious when, for example, you land from a jump and then the game decides to send you off at 90 degrees after the landing for no reason at all!

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People dont spent time on the stuff they dont like…
It is like saying People dont like drawing/playing music because they not good at it…

And I think CC car balance and tune in this game is off too
Usually it is some super/hypercars because CC is drive on nothing in straight line most of the time.

It is more like the “car balance is bad so there is lots of car useless”
Even in the trial with smaller limited car list you can see the balance is very off.

unlike road race we can make move by changing line and pacing to walk in someone racing line.
(like playing chess game on moving)
In CC it is really nothing to do. So if someone with more powerful TVR speed 12 all I can do is see him walk away.
In road race I can try to move my SVJ to effect a ford GT guy