Road Atlanta Question

In Forza 5, the Formula Drift loop on Road Atlanta was covered in quicksand and slowed you down if you tried to drift on it. With Forza 6 using tire walls to prevent cutting corners, are you able to drive on that loop this time?

Bump. This is my #1 question right now… Any early birds that can fill us in?

I think the loop is good this time around.

This annoyed me too, its racing surface and going through the keyhole would add time on a lap… If its driveable we have another actual drift section in the game.

Yeah the loop has been opened up, but there now is this weird dip in the loop. Another thing to note is that the tire smoke is a lot better now and also the tires are gone much faster! I started the video with 3% damaged tires and the little loop set my tires back to 11%.

Ooh yeah and that would have been a 0, hehe. :p
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Well obviously that dip is there in real life. Turn 10 laser scanned all of the tracks to sub atomic levels of super duper accuracy after all! /sarcasm

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I don’t know if you can drive on it but I seen one of the mods on here say they got rid of quicksand and added tire barriers in general in the game.

Quote me if I’m wrong but I thought I saw it in one of Manteo’s post

About halfway through the loop there is a massive dip. That isn’t there in real life. If you drive slowly through it in the game your car actually sinks below the surface. So it’s some sort of glitch, and rather annoying.

Yeah that’s what I meant. I think there is just a whole in the physical mesh which sucks up the wheels when you go trough it, bummer but something they can fix. I doesn’t have to be as accurate as other parts of the track, just without holes would be good enough.

By the way, here is a photo of the smoke improvement I was talking about in my previous post: