Rivals time reset?

Because of the lap times being sabotaged, are the times going to be reset so us fair players can have a decent chance at then. It gets very frustrating when you come in the 500s but you’re 25 seconds behind on the lap when the top players are using prototype cars and you’re in a B spec.

At this point … not likely. I suspect we’ll begin seeing times drop off the boards as they are identified and reviewed by Turn 10. For now, just ignore them.

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as Shadow says, unlikely they’ll wipe - not after the uprising that followed the FM3(?) reset (there were pitchforks and everything!) - they’ll just prune the dodgy ones AFTER they’ve shipped the fix

So i go to rivals and i am trying my hand at dishing out some fast times, all is going well i am beating friends etc etc.
When i decide to take a look at the leaderboard, now correct me if i am wrong…
BUT isnt the leader board times set to the car Class, meaning how on earth is there an X Class car thats lapped Catalunya Grand Prix in 23/24 seconds along with R Class cars.
Isnt the event aimed at A class cars in which case why are they on the leader board.

Am i missing something or do i just not understand the way the boards work ?

Its a bug that Turn 10 is working on a fix for, the LBs will be wiped of those times eventually.

Ahh gotcha thats kool ill still have my cars to throw down new times :slight_smile: