rivals don't update

aren’t rivals supposed to update with faster ones each time you beat them? I’ve to exit and enter the track times and times again, which is annoying.

If you enter the event without selecting your rival from the menu it may automatically set the rival as Training Ghost, which is designed to keep the same ghost even after you beat it. If you want progression, select the gamertag from the event leaderboard and Set as the rival that isn’t Training Ghost.

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I may be doing something wrong Max but haven’t had a new rival appear after beating the one in front of me on this game. I’ve run a lot of the time attack/ class based rivals since they were re-introduced and have usually just had the same ghost re-appear even after beating it.

Have you actually seen a new ghost load?

Tonight when running rivals, my opponents ghost didn’t load at all. I know this was mentioned by at least one other forum member. So not sure if it’s just me/ this one rival that wouldn’t load or whether there is an issue following the update.

Called it a night for the night but will likely be running rivals again tomorrow, so will see if I can get a ghost to load then.

I don’t believe new ghosts load even with progression, just new times to beat (which is how it happened in FM7 before Training Ghosts appeared). The last game I can really remember new ghosts autoloading was actually FH1, but then again I was never a big Rivals player until FH3/FM7 anyway.

No class based rivals ghosts appearing for me either since the update!

Edit: the Watch Replay feature doesn’t work either. Unable to load due to invalid data is returned :-1:

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All replays pre update have been invalidated, and without the replay no ghost. Ghosts for times set after the update work. Would be nice if T10 could sort that out

Same for me, no ghosts or replays in rivals. Makes the bounty hunter interesting.

Also new ghosts have not been loading for months, not that I can remember them ever loading after the original is beaten.

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Forza Support:


Lol, bet they wish an update would go smooth. Maybe fixing this will inadvertently fix messages too.


I’ve tried all variations of entering the C class rival race in brands hatch, starting without going to the leaderbord, with going to the leaderbord and picking a rival (another travesty since there’s no quick navigation links I had to scroll all the way down to pick a sensible rival), going to the leaderboard and picking a ghost, and all invariably ended up with the rival not updating.


Not near my Xbox just now - at work. But you could set a time on the boards yourself, then on next run, select yourself as the rival.

In the short term that should give you a ghost to chase at least. Saves you getting random unavailable ghosts from the boards.

Good luck


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