Rivals "cheating", why is this aloud?

So after being an avid drifter in F4, I managed to get some friends into drift on F5. To be honest, they totally sucked at first, but after practice, 3 out of the 4 guys I play with got REALLY good. We’ve starting doing Drift Rivals even almost nightly. To the point where we are having to be near perfect to better our scores, and finding new ways to tweak our cars to go faster, and hold more angle.

We are at the point where on pretty much all of the tracks 3 of us, are ranked somewhere with in top 500-200 scores. Pretty sweet achievement for us, more so them as they’ve all just started drifting in the game with in the last 3 months. So when we see the top scores being 20K-30K more than ours in some cases we decided to start watching the ghost/replays to see what we can do to improve our lines or entries.

As it turns out, people are basically attacking each turn 1 at a time. By that I mean full speed, “drift”, lock points, reverse to get speed again, repeat at next turn and through every turn. Why is this allowed? I know it’d be a lot to ask of the mods, and those he keep track of this, BUT maybe it’s time to go through the leader boards on rivals, and start DQing people for doing this sort of tactic. Or send a message with a 1week ban or something. (I normally wouldn’t suggest banning, but the same people, do the same thing on every rivals track. Besides, I got a 1 week ban for a Terrance and Phillip vinyl I made and although I don’t agree with it, that ordeal is over and done with.)

I would just love to see where my drift scores are ranked with legit drifters.

One of my best scores right now on a popular track is Prauge Full R. I think my best so far is 63,500 (with out cheating!), and on a bad lap where I blow a few turns or don’t get a good entry/exit I’m pulling around 49,00-56,000. Again, not perfect laps but good enough scores to keep a hopper lobby event close/competitive.

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I no the feeling its been happening since forza 3 its because people can not drift and only way they can drift is by doing a drive back am in top 100 in every track for drift rivals WITH OUT DRIVE BACKS but every one below me and above me are doing drive backs meaning am pretty much suck were I am now with out drive backs

you will find that you will run into a lot off top 10 drifters what are on rivals you will see them in a online drift hopper and they cant even get 1st because they cant drift back drift

so Basically
Do a drive back and have NO PRIDE
or do no drive backs and have PRIDE for beating NOOBS

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They would still be 20k ahead of you without the backups and your not going to stop it 1 guy starts doing it and then everyone at the top starts doing it to get ahead of the guy that started it. Wraggy hope i am not 1 of those top 10 that you are referring to.

Op this post may seem harsh but it’s the truth, them backing up to get more speed on the first turn may give them some extra points on the first turn but that really has nothing to do with there points being that much higher than yours and your friends.

It’s also not cheating it just beats having to go around the entire track in order to get a flying lap start

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I don’t think he is talking about only the first turn. I see people do it on more than just the first turn.

It was a really big issue in Forza 4, the amount of Fujimi “drive backers” was silly. So far in Forza 5, as far as I can tell, it is only a handful of drivers.

Personally, I wish all tracks had a time limit. I really really don’t like waiting for people for 5 minutes each race. For example, I can make it around the full alps in less than 2.5 minutes, sideways. Generally 3 laps takes me about 6.5 - 7 minutes. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, you are either really bad, or brake drifting or something to the effect of taking way too damn long to drive 3 laps.

Nice scores OP. You are right on par with me, hit me up if you want to drift together.

As for DRxSickness, I can promise you, he is a top 10 drifter who doesn’t drive back. He will run his lap as intended, and pull insane scores. I can confirm this, as I see it often since he is my #1 rival on my friends list.

There are other things that contribute to people getting those scores. Quite a few use Drag Tires, which apparently gives you an edge to getting higher scores. Some Brake Drift, which basically they are on their brakes and the gas at the same time while going through the turn, which is more like burning out around a turn than actually drifting. And also, there is positive camber which also is a pretty big help to points drifting.

I will likely never get to the top 10 as I do not use any of the above tactics. Does that matter though? Nah!! I know I am a good drifter and a friendly member of the community. I am content with my LB positions as I know they are pretty good even though they aren’t top 10, or even top 100. Top 500 is good enough for me.

I’ve started to use drags on a few of my cars with a positive drift setup, but not so positive it doesn’t drive in a straight line, but never have I reversed on a track to gain the extra points. It makes me laugh though when you come across replays like this.

That is one of the reasons I don’t like Positive Camber. Harder to drive in a straight line, and it also feels like it slows the car down.

I like to drift as fast as possible, drifting slow gets on my nerves.


Positive camber doesn’t make your car harder to drive in a straight line it just wont turn as good the only thing that causes your car not to drive in a straight line is your toe.

Interesting, I usually go 0 front toe and between -.2 and -.5 rear toe. So I don’t notice any issue driving straight. My buddy, who uses positive camber, tunes cars I just can’t drive. They all feel super twitchy when driving straight.

When toe settings cause this issue?

There is alot of legit drifter on forza. Not alot of people do drive back if anything its just the 3 or 4 top drifters on rivals LB. I don’t do drive back either because I’m too impatient to waste more time on a track.

I general base set up for all my cars is : springs about even but stiff. Shocks fronts firmer than rear. Toe out front 1.5 rear out .5 camber is about -1.5 -2 ish. Caster about 5.5. Sway bars 0 front 50-75% rear. Street tires or sports pending hp. I tired the drag dlick method and the car doesn’t respond worth a crap.

last night put a few runs in a new r33 skyline build for Indy monthly. Still working quirks out with the car, but overall my base set up was spot on. Rear needs to be a little looser, but very predictable car (rwd swap of course).

for me I tend to drive and tune my cars like you would a real car. Ebrake into turn, then throttle control. I’m still scoring top 500 times nearly every rival, if not better, so you know I’m pleased. I’d just like to see the cheaters have their scores wiped, that’s all.

I try to share any tune I have for a car, and you can always find my name in the LB if you want to see the car in action. Just remember I try to use a realistic driving style. Speed with normal angle until they allow reverse entry to turns!

as wraggy points out drivebacks have been a issue for 5 years and considering that dan greenwalt said “we listened to the community” seems to be a big joke to be honest theres no point moaning cause they won’t sort this unsporting conduct out. Not forgettting the game isn’t 100% finished product at least turn 10 could do is put a system in place where your lap gets invalidated like it would do if you went off the track in hotlap.

theres loads of issues with this game:-

Evo 10 race turbo you gain 1 bhp and it gains more turbo lag
nissan GTR 71 forza front wing disappears when you go into a race
The white lines do not define the tracks limits aka road america,indy gp,yas marina,etc. if you look at hot lapping you can see people cutting the corners but still have a valid lap

As and when/if forza 6 comes out and this is still an issue just shows how much they “listen to the community”

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there is no reason to do turn arounds theres no spot on any of the crap tracks that f5 has and you wont stop people by preachin about it either i still run 80k+ prague full r’s in publics with out backing up or slicks… some people just want to win so bad they will do those odd-ball dumbass things just to win, no pride

Quick question, as I’m not hugely into the Forza drifting scene, but what’s the issue with using slicks on drift cars in game? Is it just because real life drifters use road legal semi slicks or even just high performance tyres?

I’ve had a few drift builds where I’ve run slicks before, they were some of my favourites too - not because they got high scores, but because they were fast & very fun to drive.

im at the top of the rivals il challange any1 without a driveback


Atleast Drive-Backing isn’t as bad as people sitting on their brakes to stretch inhumanly long corners.

Drive-Backing is by no means actually cheating, prideless & in no way talented yes, but not cheating.

Sitting on your brakes, doing a moving burnout & exploiting the way the tire burn works is cheating & scummy.

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honestly i have to agree with you… drive back not cheating at all… does it suck for the people who actually drift the proper way? yes… T10 need to looking to the replays and and do something about the people exploiting the “Brake drift” guys because it honestly is stupid and really isnt drifting at all more along the lines of power sliding, yes in certain circumstances long Ebrake drags are necessary to achieve an entry or to pull ur car back on line. but using it scrub out every last point in a point box to be number one no its honestly annoying as hell, im sitting top 50-30 on most drift rivals but seeing 100-200 replays per rivals event of people exploiting the brake drift is utterly stupid to see this many people want to use a technique to get ahead of everyone… drift the right way or dont drift at all…

my 2 Cents on this matter thanks bye bye

Why don’t you try to do it before you bash it?

This drifting fashion police nonsense is getting to be a bit much.

“Drift the right way or don’t drift at all”


As this is a simulation game, we tend to try to simulate the methods used in real driving.

Go outside, get in your car, and drive around town with your e-brake up and gas peddle to the floor. Come back and report your experience. = )

Using the “Drift the right way or don’t drift at all” line in regards to brake drifting is almost appropriate. More so, 'L2Drift" though.

The problem I have with it is that it tends to be a really slow way of drifting. For example, I can get around 3 laps of the full alps in 6 minutes 30 seconds to 7 minutes, while drifting. Brake drifters would take an additional 3-5 minutes. Am I supposed to be polite and wait for them so they can catch up? Or should I cross the finish line? I only have about 3-4 hours a night to myself and I want to get in as many tracks as I can in the time I have to spend. Should I sacrifice some of that time so someone can “drift their way”?

Also, these drifters are like the guy driving in the left lane doing 5 under the speed limit. He is going to cause an accident or hold up others who are trying to drive like everyone else on the road. For me, as I drift fast and most my points come from my speed, being behind a brake drifter causes me to score less points. Should I tolerate this and accept defeat because this guy is blocking up the road? Or should they speed up like everyone else?