Rimac C_Two

Maaahaaann! What a streaming pile of poop this car is. No matter what tuning, the car will not hold onto the road.

Sadly, They’ve Had To Rush it just for the… “Content Update” didn’t they ? Maybe not but still… So much Potential… I’m sure if i told Gran Turismo to give us the access of another or that Rimac, and that they release it or them… They Will Make Sure that The Others or The C-Two to shine in they’re game. Sadly i prefer to keep it for collection… I prefer that it rests on my garage until They do something due of this time that players will waste to get the car and get dissapointed. That’s quite the most Shameful thing they’ve done in a game that presented so much issues over the AI Behavior but it seems they’ll do nothing about it.

I put up S2 998 race tire and rally tire road tunes that feel pretty good. It’s heavy though, so keeping a careful line and braking is necessary. Getting used to two gears is really annoying after driving Manual/Clutch. It’s probably best to stay in 2nd while above ~100 mph.

Overall, I think it would be less disappointing if it weren’t for the S2 class covering such a wide performance gamut. We need some lower class Electric vehicles.

Is anyone having a problem where after driving the Rimac for a while the sound starts to distort?

In races or in the open world?

The AI is pretty quick with the Rimac in the 1/4 mile drag race, I couldn’t touch it with mine. I might have to turn on TCS.

Yeah I experienced this as well. I restarted my Xbox and it went away. Also I am having issues with going really fast and my Xbox seems to have issues with keeping up with the graphics/scenery and have a lot of “white patches” and my vehicle comes to a complete stop.

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to me if the wanted to balanced it for S2 … give koenigseggs lvl of grip … like 1.30 to 1.60 with aero or weight reduction … plus limit the top speed to 210/220 … then u get a speed S2 car with really high accel but low top speed with decent grip

then for x just unlock the gearing … even if it goes in the 300 … it wont be op agains 1.90 lateral g 599X

I love this car because you can’t do a lot of upgrades and it’s unique handling. The 2 speed tranny is what the car actually has. Drive the car the way it is supposed to, there are other “rockets” you can make crazy and sometimes stupid upgrades for. This car tests your driving/racing abilities and that’s what makes it fun for me. Thank you PG for this car!


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@RetroKrystal, you posted the exact same message on Twitter in response to this too. Why not unlock the gearing and limit it to 300mph, if you’re allowing the suspension glitching Ferrari and Mosler to break the 300mph barrier i see no reason why the Rimac can’t do the same. System limitations is a load of bull anyway, go past 230mph while online and the road disappears along with traffic spawning directly in front of you. The game is already broken in that regard, just give us the gearbox upgrade and limit it to 300mph because this car isn’t good at anything at the moment. It gets smoked at top end speed and has rings run around it when driving around a track because it’s PI is so damn poor for a hypercar.


Because “Just give us the gearbox upgrade” is unfortunately not as easy as you might think.

Also yes, its a copy & paste from my message on twitter. This is because I’d rather everyone get the same message to minimize any potential confusion across all socials.


The 320 mph glitch is a problem and needs to be fixed for any car, but definitely we don’t need another OP car for sure

Don’t listen to them, yesterday i was playing online with Rimac and the car is fine even full stock, was able to win many races and championships, people need to practice and stop complain about everything

Not every new car in franchise needs to have stupid jet fighters upgrades to do unrealistic record breaks and mess up with online

The truth is all of these noobs can’t drive anything without upgrades

Just like people said before, enjoy the car for what it is, deal with it for god sake!


So, all the PI that is eaten up by the power of the Rimac is completely useless due to the intended speed limiter. There are cars with 1/3 of the power which have a higher top speed, lower weight and better cornering.
No wonder it has one of the worst Performance/PI ratios in the whole game.
So please, try to either open up its top speed or fundamentally rebalance its PI value.
As I outlined above, even with all upgrades installed (being deep into X-class) it barely surpasses the average S2 lap times I achieved by extensive testing of every single S2 car.
Thus, in a fully upgraded state it wouldn’t be overpowered for S998. Still a niche car but somewhat usable.

Currently, even the hopelessly overstrained Agera RS as RWD with sports(!) tires is better than this dud on S998.


@RetroKrystal, I feel like it’s nothing but excuses from you guys lately. Engine sounds, a fix for the rally suspension glitch which allows absurd speed and now a gearbox change is apparently too time consuming and difficult to fix.


Why do you want to go 300mph? Enjoy the car for what it is, it’s acceleration is awesome. I got it tuned pretty good for racing. If you wanna go 300mph get yourself a flight simulator lol


I actually don’t mind it now that I can’t do the 300mph, but it’s not just that now. It’s the fact that they say one thing but then turn around and say another thing. I mean the game has a hard enough time loading just the cars in my garage. But I can do almost 300mph without the game lagging or anything. So I’m not too sure if it’s only system limitations. We just get tired of them saying things on their streams but never mean them. A good example is when the so called “wall riding fix” was gonna come out. They kept saying during each stream that it would come out the next update but then would turn around and say it’ll come out later, and then later again, and then later again. I get that the game has system limitations, but next time @RetroKrystal please just let us know in the stream that it can’t do it in the game due to system limitations. Some of us don’t like to be kept in the dark. I have nothing against why they can’t do it, it’s just they never really spoke the truth and just gave us hype about it to get us to play. That’s what I’m disappointed about. Nothing more, nothing less. :slight_smile:

The car is unique in most ways with handling. It takes some practice to get used to it. It has a motor for each wheel and makes it really interesting for me anyway. I get what you are saying. But the car is just fine as is and the PI compared to my PO Porsche is pretty similar with handling, speed, etc. This car has way better acceleration though.

Just a quick note: I did win most of my races against other Hyper Cars with highly skilled difficulty (I’m not the best racer). It’s just getting used to the handling. I love this car!

Darn - all this discussion about the Rimac C2 and I’m still literally jumping through hoops and racing at speeds unbecoming a simracer in order earn this car! Drat, and double drat!

How do I replace the greasy banana skins tires for grippy ones? :slight_smile:

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Love how the streamers area almost universally condemning this car.

Got it for collections sake but after trying it for a while I don’t think I will ever use it for online racing.

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