Rimac C_Two

I upgraded the diff on the car, yet i can’t alter the gearing because it remains locked.

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It’s because there’s no gear box upgrade for the Rimac. The differential only unlocks the diff section of tuning and not the gearing. So until they add the gear box upgrade, we have to be EXTRA creative with the suspension and alignment just to even maybe get it past 260 mph. I mean the Koenigsegg Regera I think had one gear and can go faster than this car.

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Not a fan of it so far to be honest, it’s weird driving without an engine sound. It also wheelspins a lot so i can barely take a corner without breaking traction.


Yeah the only thing I’d probably use this vehicle for is auto drifting or for the #Forzathon Live events. This thing basically gets beaten by almost my entire garage. I do have to say though, I like the design of it. It’s a really nice looking electric car, it’s just too bad that it’s full potential can’t be brought out due to a single upgrade.

I think everybody has the same opinion

The Rimac C_Two in Forza Horizon 4 has the worst gearbox of all time.

The Rimac has almost 1900 hp and could probably hit 300+ mph with ease but due to an non-upgradeable gearbox and the slowest topspeed for a hypercar with almost 1900 hp (260 mph topspeed)
the car just feels bad and worthless…

With a little fix we could get another 300+mph car and it would actually be competetive for X-Class races!

So please dear game devs

Just add a upgradeable gearbox to the Rimac


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I definitely agree with this… It’s Completely Ridiculous that we have an electric car that does it’s World Premier in a game to have this low capacity modifying it… We could seek on how great this car is, you made a video to show it with grace, and you give us this ? I feel more like i completely Wasted my Time with this season, I Hope that you fix this up on the Series 11 Else I’m Not even gonna play this game due of this Major Dissapointment !

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In the Update stream Forza Horizon 4 | Update 10 Live Stream - YouTube at ~14:45 they actually talk about how it would be able to go 320 mph with the right gearing, so why not let us change the final drive then?

We decided not to allow the Rimac to have gear tuning due to some system limitations. We thought it may have been possible but it was mentioned in stream as a hypothetical scenario such as if the gearing was increased in real life. Apologies for the confusion.


I do understand that adding a new gearbox update isn’t that easy, but it shouldn’t be that much work to enable final drive changes (like with the Regeras stock gearbox).

So to clarify:
Rimac ~256 mph top speed
Most V12 swapped car and Hypercars ~270 mph
Jaguar D-Type which didn’t change since FH3 can do 300+ mph
Mosler and 599XXEVO (the latter was also known by devs pre launch to be this fast) 300+ mph

I do know about the glitch suddenly stopping the car, but this even happens at speeds around 240 mph, so i doubt adding the Rimac to the 300 mph club would really increase the glitch’s occurence that much.


If that’s the case, It was absolutely pointless adding the Car to the game.

If that is the case then you need to compensate by dropping the PI of the Rimac considerably along with some other balance changes. As it stands the car is unacceptably poor and is imo an insult to Rimac having it performing so hopelessly (btw, the real car actually has rather impressive aerodynamics, maybe reflect that in your model of the car).


Because it has no final drive. Lol. It amazes me how little people who play car games know about cars. They (PG) could let us change gears though.

Actually it does. There are single speed gearboxes in the front and dual speed gearboxes in the rear.
Source: https://www.rimac-automobili.com/en/hypercars/c_two/ Submenu “.04 Beneath the Skin” 'Subsubmenu “Gearboxes”
Citing: "While a pair of single-speed gearboxes apply drive to the front wheels, a pair of two-speed gearboxes - again, one for each rear wheel - allow the C_Two to make use of its prodigious torque to produce both mind-blowing acceleration and a true hypercar top speed. "


I guess you could argue that the gearboxes in the front are the same as final drives. The rear gearboxes are just that though, gearboxes, with no separate final drives connected to them.

Tested the Rimac at S998 on my regular test track.
The 2 possible builds from my perspective:

Off-road tires, sport weight reduction, full front & rear aero:
Race tires, full rear aero:

The off-road tires simply don’t provide enough grip, so that even the front aero can’t compensate it.
Race tires build feels better.

Some lap times as comparison to show how bad the Rimac is.
Bugatti Chiron 5:20.674
Hoonicorn 5:33.697
Ferrari F50 GT 5:05.834
It is roughly 12 seconds slower than the average S2 car.


What kind of bothers me with forza in general is we have a lot of these hypercars with crazy power and unrealistically abysmal handling stats that get totally PI screwed. I’m not sure if its just to avoid making X class cars, but handling screwing probably some of the best handling cars isn’t the way to go. Also some cars seem too big like the Chiron and Nissan GT-R; I couldn’t believe how small they are in person when I went to a car show.

The poor Rimac is dying to out speed those glitchy 599xx Evos and Moslers. That 578 is just one km/h slower than the 1956 Jaguar D-type.

The Rimac definitely seems like such a case. So much bhp and to squeeze it into S2 they gave it a horrendous handling value with which it achieves worse lateral g’s than a bad S900 car.
Just out of curiosity I maxxed it to X-class and ran it on my circuit.
With a 5:13.xxx it’s worse than the faster S2 998 cars.
They completely messed up the programming and PI calculation for the Rimac rendering it a useless piece of trash.


Some people think that they did this for balance reasons. But don’t forget this is the same company that has given the community 6 months of bone shaking. I can’t fathom how such an exciting car has a locked gearbox and such awful performance. Has all the dev time been in Lego Island? I just don’t get how this could make it live when they mentioned it doing 320mph on the livestream.


I tried to tell people but they thought I was crazy.

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To say it in one sentence:

“Beauty over the beast”

Simply meaning the graphics team done an amazing job whilst the programming team went on holiday to Lego Valley.

I actually liked the idea of the expansion, but have to admit that I’m being made to feel disappointed by a lack of real development and what seams ‘rushed to market’ approach lately.

A potential 320mph car limited to 260mph in a racing sim/arcade game doesn’t make any sense, I’m lost for words. No doubt it’s gearbox swap will be available in a virtual field plow :frowning: sad times.