Hey my reward points haven’t updated for FH2 & FH2:F&F for a few weeks now, anyone know whats going on?

It might be that you are playing Forza Horizon 2 and F&F on the xbox 360 and those games are not eligible for the rewards program.

FH2 on the Xbox 360

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How come Forza motorsport 3 counted then?

Because FM3 was only on one console, where as FH2 and F n F are on both 360 and XB1 and for whatever reason it was decided to exclude the 360 versions where there are versions on more than one console.

There are a bunch of threads about this… For whatever reason, a lot of people are having issues getting their rewards to update, me included. And I am on XBOne and haven’t got my reward points for about a month now.

I have the same things for a few weeks, it does not update.
I did email to, but I don’t think it did a lot (also, I expect a lot of people doing this).

I have played quite a lot of Horizon 2 last few weeks (on Xbox One) and I am getting close to level 8, so I am a bit afraid it will not register in time (before Forza 6) and I really want the level 8 stuff.

Hopefully they fix it before Forza 6 comes out.

Ok, I finally got my FH2 points.
I did play some FH2 yesterday, so I am not sure if that has to do with it, or it was just coincidence.

edit2: Apparently some of the stats are still not correct (my level still says 87 instead of 154), but I got passed level 8 so it is not that urgent for me any more.