Not Getting Reward Points from Horizon 2 and F&F

i Just bought a XBOX One to be ready for Forza Motorsport 6. and i noticed that in the “rewards” thing i have no points in horizon 2 and F&F expansion, i had both games on xbox 360 and i should have around 1500-2000 reward points combined, but i havent got anything from theese 2 games, i have however got from forza motorsport 3 &4 on x360. anyone has a clue what i do here?

As far as I am aware as these were dual release games only the xbox one versions accrue rewards tier points…

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You have no points because the rewards system was only for the Xbox One version of any games that were on both consoles.

I did the quick search for you: Xbox 360 Game FAQs

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I’m having issues with this as well. I have completed everything in the game on the Xbox One version but my rewards is stuck at 263. It’s not updating on the rewards page that I have done everything in the game.