Retailer pre-order bonuses, deals, bundles for FM7

FM7 Pre-Order links and details


  • Hoonigan Car Pack - digital pre-orders only, not available for disc even after launch. Includes FM7 and FH3 packs.^
  • Day One Car Pack: details TBA
    Digital vs. Disc
    Play Anywhere means you can play on Windows 10 PC, centralized save game, no console required. Not available with disc editions.
    Disc editions work on any Xbox One-family console: One / One S / One X.

Pay close attention to both the version and format you are ordering, as each one comes with different bundled elements, and some retailer bonuses may be linked to one but not the other:

Digital Editions (direct from Xbox, or redeemable code from retailer)
game + Play Anywhere + Hoonigan Car Pack = Standard (digital)
game + Play Anywhere + Hoonigan Car Pack + Day One Car Pack + VIP = Deluxe (digital)
game + Play Anywhere + Hoonigan Car Pack + Day One Car Pack + VIP + Car Pass + Early Access = Ultimate (digital)

Disc Editions
game only = Standard (disc)
(Deluxe Editions are not available on disc)
game + Day One Car Pack + VIP + Car Pass + Early Access = Ultimate (disc)

There is currently no information from Xbox about a special edition console or FM7 bundled with a console.

Q: When will I be charged?

  • That’s a question for the retailer. Windows Store: “your card will not be charged until your order is shipped or the product is made available for download. However, an authorization hold or small temporary charge may be placed on your credit or debit card as a result of your pre-order.”
    Q: Can I cancel a pre-order in order to pre-order a different version?
  • Windows Store: “Pre-orders are covered by our Pre-Order Policy and can be reviewed, updated, or canceled at any time before pre-order items are released.” See Xbox Support for refunds to your Microsoft account.
    Q: When will pre-load begin?
  • TBA. See discussion thread.
    Q: What time will I be able to start playing?
  • The Windows Store currently lists the digital release time as midnight on the 29th and 3rd.

See the PC Install discussion thread and Tech Support forum for information about meeting minimum specs, and installation tips.



  • “receive two custom driver gear.”


  • “Pre-order Forza Motorsport 7 and get two exclusive bonus sets of driver gear.”


  • Best Buy Driver Gear suit
  • Gamers Club members get 20% off the price.

    Forza Motorsport 7 Trade up offer
    Trade in an XBX1 Forza title or other select racing games and Get a $10 Coupon for Forza MotorSport 7 plus the trade in value


Pre-Order Forza Motorsport 7 at GameStop and receive a 2018 Porche 911 GT2 RS Scale Model!
*While Supplies Last. Quantities very limited
Online Customers: Item will ship with your game.
Store Customers: Item will be available at time of pick-up.

Pre-Order Forza Motorsport 7 at GameStop and receive the GameStop Fire Suit and Helmet!
*While Supplies Last
Online Customers: Code will be emailed within 2 business days after your order ships.
Store / In-Store Pickup Customers: Code will be printed on your receipt at time of pickup.


  • “Pre-order Forza Motorsport 7 at Amazon and receive the Amazon Fire Suit and Helmet DLC. The download code will be emailed within 2 days after your pre-order ships.”
  • Amazon Prime members get $20 off the Ultimate Edition and $12 off the Standard Edition


  • "two Amazon-exclusive racing suits, featuring Amazon Racing Suit and The Blue Forza Suit


  • Same two suits as Amazon UK above


  • 2 Driver Gear suits: Yellow and Red


  • “Pre-order the Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition and receive two sets of custom driver gear.”
  • "Only at GAME – the Porsche DLC pre-order bonus is only available in the UK with physical copies of “Forza Motosport 7: Ultimate Edition” sold by GAME


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Just noticed that JB have the Ultimate Edition for $89 for pre-order. Must be a mistake as usually the Ultimate is $139

As of Aug 16 2017 does anyone know who has the best pre order price lets try to keep this up to date thanks

Amazon has 20% off for Prime Members, and Best Buy is doing 20% of for Gamers Club members. These are for the U.S. so other countries might vary in discounts.

Saw this today on new about about where to order,but i did make my final decision on the ultimate edition.Im a prime member on amazon.I ordered the UE for $80.This will only be useful if your a prime customer.I bought the disc version which has free same day shipping.Also if you use pantry option(no rush 6 days arrival) its worth $5 off which you can use towards credit later.I only say that because the XB1 wont be here by then so im in no hurry.

Also Gamestop and best buy have a discount as well.So shop around i got a deal i think.

Amazon UK:

Pre-order Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One or Xbox One/Windows 10 Download Code before the Release Date and you’ll receive a promotional code to access the two Amazon-exclusive racing suits, featuring Amazon Racing Suit and The Blue Forza Suit (the “Offer”).

Glad to see that my message on the other thread made ManteoMax update the OP :wink:

Still no pics or real information about Microsoft bonus suits though.

I’ve been making some good money lately so I purchased the Ultimate edition from Gamestop to get the gamestop exclusive suit, but I also liked the Amazon exclusive suit so I purchased the standard edition from Amazon as well. Will I be able to use both retail exclusive pre order bonuses in FM7? If so, Imma pre order a third time, from GAME.

If you’re not from UK or FR you might have trouble redeeming the suits codes from Amazon :

“A broadband Internet connection is required to redeem the code, as well as an active Xbox Live account registered in the UK.”

Just wanted to warn you about that.

Would you imagine such an issue when pre ordering from GAME? Buy Forza Motorsport 7: Standard Edition | GAME

If it’s an exclusive car, you’ll be able to buy it on the auction house no matter what retailer you went through. It may be take a lot of credits to get one though.

Not without the associated DLC for it you won’t. Each individual pre-order car was a code you put in to redeem it, and download it, at least in FH3. Anyone trying to buy one of those cars that they hadn’t redeemed a code for was met with the same message you get when you try to bid on a DLC car that you don’t own the DLC for.


Well that’s dumb. Don’t recall anything special about the preorder versions.

Just the “Pre Order” part in the name, with a tune that took it to the top of the class it originated in, if I recall correctly.

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Hey if the suits mean that much to you then all the power to you but I’m a little confused. Anyways, on the Amazon listing it says codes for the Amazon suit will be sent within a couple days of the game code so I’m assuming and I could be wrong, that if you order digital on all three the codes for the suits will be separate and you’ll have two extra FM7 activation codes to gift away or sell.


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ok… i live in florida and pre ordered fm7 at my local gamestop store… here is my problem. my home and store i ordered my game from are about to be underwater in a couple days, im moving back to my parents in WI…dose it matter what store i ordered the game from? can i walk into any game stop store the 29th and get my copy of fm7??

p.s i called gamestop and the teenager who worked their hated life and was no help…

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Well if it works the same there as here the store will only have enough copies to cover thoes that were ordered at that store. But if you let the store in WI know they can make sure your order is included.

You have to pick up the game from the store you preordered it at. This is because they use the preorder numbers to determine how many extra copies to stock the store with.

Your best bet would be to cancel the preorder at the store in FL and preorder it again in WI.

Stay safe.

can microsoft pls add pictures of the 2 suits in their store?? another reason why everyone hates the win10 store

I think best thing would be to go in your local store and ask.

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