[RESOLVED] FM7 Hoonigan Car Pack Not Available

I preordered the Ultimate Edition of FM7 a while ago, and got it as a hard copy. Included in the box for the game was a code to redeem/receive the perks that come with the ultimate edition (VIP+Car Pass) but the Hoonigan car pack didn’t install and whenever I pull up the Hoonigan car pack in the Xbox store, it just tells me that the pack cannot be sold separately. Anyone know how I can fix this without buying another copy of the game?

The Hoonigan car pack was a bonus to our fans who purchased the game digitally.

So I cannot get the Hoonigan Car Pack at all?

That’s about the size of it

The Hoonigan car pack was available as a pre-order bonus for all digital editions of FM7 ordered through Xbox Live or Windows Store. It’s available for purchase on Horizon 3, but it’s not part of the Ultimate Edition package for FM7, the car pass buys you the first 6 monthly car packs. There are also no plans for it to be made available as a standalone pack at the moment.

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