Replay of Night races


i would like to tell Turn10 that when we race a track by night, it’s OK, we see the road enough (except with the Mazda Cosmo, see this thread : It might be the same with other cars, i didn’t tested many, but here is not my problem

The problem is that when you finish the race and look at the replay, headlights illuminate much less far the road than when you drove it before. So it’s not very pratical because when you see the replay, you don’t see anything else than lights, cause the road is not as much illuminated as it was when you drove before.

Oh one other thing : when you are in photo mode and you shutdown lights, rear lights stop immediatly, but not front lights, their lighting greatly reduced but not completely, until you move the camera. This is a really little issue.

apart from that, the game is GRREEAAAT really you made something good Turn10 ! thank’s !

This is the same for all the cars, and it affects Photo Mode too.

What happens is that only the player’s car have true long range realistic headlights, and that those lights seems to only works when actually racing.

Here a video in replay, with very limited lights :

Here a second video made on same track (Spa), but during actual play, with full working headlights:

Yep, so we are OK, this is not a good thing ! it needs to be changed, with the same lights in actual play and in replays !

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Turn 10 wanted the game to do that because of a particular way it renders this light. I think it’s a game limitation and not a bug. It’s just a guess.