"Remove from garage" deletes cars for good? With no getting it back?

I had a question about when i clicked on "remove from garage "…i was thinking it would send it to auction…apparently its a delete button with no reversal? I see im not the only 0ne who did this so i think that should be patched at least send a final message explainibg what your doing…

It has been always that way. It clearly says “remove” the car from your garage. The auction house has nothing to do with anything. I dont know what else should it say “delete car” would sound better?

Keep in mind, in a near future you will need to discard many cars if you want to make space for others more of your interest. Those 500+ car slots fill up pretty quick.


how in the world do you think “remove car from garage” means put the car in the auction house for sale?



How would you think it means to sell it in auction house, when that’s a completely different thing?

How would it automatically know what the start price is, the buyout price, or the length of time you want for the auction to run?

I feel like “remove” is pretty clear wording. It doesn’t mention anything about “sell”.

However, I do feel like it would be a nice option to be able to sell cars outside of the AH. Some cars are pretty worthless, or nobody really wants. It would be nice to be able to basically “sell” them for like 30-50% of the autoshow value instead of straight up deleting them.

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What part would you “patch”?
First you have to hit remove from garage and then on next screen/question confirm you want to permanently remove it.

So what part here isn’t working?

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How has someone who’s been playing since 2013 not know this?

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Sold their account? Kid grabbed Mom/Dad’s account?

People sure are a special type of special these days.

It literally gives you a warning explaining what is about to happen to the car before you confirm the action.

There is nothing to be patched. You just need to learn to read things properly.

Where did you see that you’re not the only one who did this? You are the only one who did this.