Reference Font Packs

At the start of FM5 I remade a few font packs that I used regularly in previous Forzas. I did share them at the time, but I guess people didn’t find them etc.

Here are some photos of a few of the packs made. I can share if people want them, but I seriously do not have enough time to make custom number plates for people. Just send a message for a share and I can pop them up.

Porsche font

UK number plate pack

US font font

Digital number pack

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I would like the UK number plate pack

Rozy UK

Being a typographer I love what you’ve done there, great work!

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Typographer, it’s all making sense now. It reflects in your designs lol

Thank you! Im a little nuts when it comes to fonts lol


those are some great fonts! keep up the good work!

Those are awesome, keep it up and for sure grab them

can i get a copy of those , can you share all 3 , also do you know anyone who can share the coca cola stencils , i will like to do a coca cola car.

I will ask around re. the Coca Cola font, I’m sure some of the guys who post in one of my groups has done it, but I’m not sure if he shared the logo, it may well be on his cars instead.

Job well done.

Good job on the fonts mate! They are all well done.

All are now shared folks, key search word is font. I guess if you follow my GT which is Nucleofector. It is easier as I tend not to put all my logos up, just useful ones like this.

Currently working on an upper case Times New Roman font. Ive used it in the smaller text below this Blancpain Logo I made. Will post the full alphabet once finished.