Reduce sun glare / use tinted visors

Please give us the option to “engage” a sunvisor on our racing helmets using the D-pad on Xbox Controllers. In multiplayer 3/4 D-pad options are used. Utilize the 4th option so that when you’re racing and get extreme sun glare and can’t see anything at all, you can engage a sunvisor. Racing helmets in real life often have sunvisors with glare blocking tech. Like outdoors sports sunglasses and Ray-Ban’s do. It happened a couple times already where I crashed into someone because I literally couldn’t see a thing because of the sun.

It would be great to have a way to either reduce sun glare via options or introduce the possibility to use tinted visors while driving

Yes please!
The new dynamic day and weather cycles are amazing, but sometimes you get to a point where the sun is right in your eyes. In real life you can use a tinted visor, sunglasses or something similar to reduce this. Only makes sense to add an option in the game too.
It could be something that we can setup in the options, being a toggle or automatic.
(It also doesn’t help that the HDR brightness is way too bright at the moment.)

I second this. I use the amazingly advanced technology of polarised sunglasses in real life, and I honestly haven’t seen glare on my windshield for years.

Between the sun in the face in morning/evening races, and the glare on the windshield, it would be really nice to have that in the game.