Recent gameplay

All went well for first few races save for the rammers.

Left out from several private races even though I was ready up.
Left out of public race and then allowed to, while still in the hopper lobby menu, drive around the track. (Find video on my Xbox profile)
Next race after that, the game forgets that I have a wheel and won’t recognize it after a cold reboot of wheel. Kicked due to inactivity.

And this is 6 months in.

Still unable to see the menus in multiplayer because of car models obscuring view. Still unable to browse garage even though it’s been “fixed”. Game has so many bugs I can spot at least one a day.

And you think this is eSports ready? Really?


My game is still crashing 24/7 and having loading issues, 1070 with 16G of ram which I upgraded to, still the same problems as my old lap

And add black screens of death to that list, adding even more bugs since release wooooo!!!

Yeah, it’s amazing how many steps back they took from 6 to 7. We got better handling feel with the cars in exchange for constant crashing, laggy to completely broken menus, and an endless amount of random bugs. One step forward, eight steps back. It’s a shame that Gran Turismo abandoned this format and went to chase iRacing, rather than keep the format and add some competition controls, otherwise I’d go back to GT.

While sad I think that it was a step in the right direction to focus solely on racing rather than fan service, FM is alone right now and they’re wasting a good opporunity