Rant: Horizon Tour S1 Anything Goes with Cross Country tracks

For some reason a lot of players, high and low level alike, only seem to see the hypercar on the picture and the “S1”. They are completely blind to the track listing with “CROSS COUNTRY” in the names.

It’s an absolute gamble if there are enough people who can read to carry those who don’t, or not. It would be kinda hilarious to see them struggle and swerve right out of the gate. Until you realise that you are wasting your time with races that are lost from the beginning.

Often enough these people don’t take the hint and quit, nooo.

Rant over.

I’ve only done Tour a couple of times, but as I recall, each time I had preselected a car based on the given restriction and then when it started I ended up having to quickly choose a totally different car because the restriction had changed. That’s how I ended up struggling through some baja or cross country races in an old Dodge Charger.

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I thought it was just me. Figured I must have somehow totally misread the requirements or clicked something wrong when joining to end up in a totally different race. So maybe there’s a reason some aren’t in the best car for the race, and nothing to do with the players.