Horizon tour

Ok, so wtf is with the kids thinking its hilarious to bump their teammates off the track and purposefully block them from going through the markers on races… We’re on the same team! This is infuriating! And to get all the rewards you HAVE to do some sort of MP and its always the same. A troll messing with everyone. Its a racing game! Wanna play bumper cars? Go play Wreckfest! This gamr is difficult on its own without the 7 year olds who barely know the controls messing everything up for their teams. Sorry if this somehow offends someone, i just fought for 2 hours to get a team to do the Trial and eventually gave up cuz of the bumping and such. I went to the Horizon Tour thinking since were on the same team, cant be bad right? Wrong! I swear its even worse. Im just so frustrated. If i wanted to play a game that got me this worked up, id play fortnite!

Thanks for letting me vent, hopefully the dev figure out a way to stop the trolls from being able to ruin everything for the rest of us! :cry:

Press record before any online race and just send in the ticket.
The clown I met got its glory on YouTube, along with support ticket.

Its also a game fault not enforcing clean play and not punishing people being a reproductive organ.

Hey it just being limited to the races in Tour would be nice, when I was going through the accolades for it I ended up with people trying to ram me on the drive to the events, had someone go for me coming out of Horizon Baja and multiple times when I got to the destinations 1st and sat there waiting for the 30 second countdown to finish someone arriving after would come and drive into me at full speed.

Horizon Tour is a race for a laugh, who cares if you get bumped? it’s not a serious race like the trial, plus the Ai are easy to beat even if you miss a checkpoint.

In the Trial thread you said its not a problem in Trials either.

So is it a problem anywhere or not?

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