Random New Cars + Welcome Pack

I play the game via Gamepass.
Have just turned it on to find a bunch of new cars in my garage plus the welcome pack cars (that I didn’t buy) all in my garage and driveable.

You were good and Santa gave you a present? :slight_smile:

Can this happen to me please!

As you’re Tier 12, you’ve been playing Forza for some time, so on starting the game, you get given a reward car for every Forza you’ve played, which is usually the cover car from each game. Plus FH5 gives you three cars to start with too. Not sure what the requirement for the Welcome Pack was. ManteoMax could confirm exactly, I expect. He posts a thread on every car in each game, usually pinned.

Added: here it is https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst167059_Forza-Horizon-5-Car-List.aspx

The loyalty rewards are different and are awarded to everyone that played previous Forza games.

The Welcome Pack is paid DLC.

Sounds like the VIP bug. Players who didn’t pay for VIP randomly get it and then it randomly goes away. Is there a crown after your name now?

It was the same in FH4. I never did buy premium edition and/or vip and i received the formula drift pack and a bunch of other cars. And it was the first time i played FH4. I guess its the same in Fh5, maybe not to everyone, but im sure the formula drift pack is gifted to many people. Same with other bunch of cars. After all, its not like if cars are something really valuable in this franchise anymore. So, it really doesnt matter if after one week you have 400 cars instead 380…