Rally Mode? A possibility in a future Horizon game?

Has anyone ever pitched a rally mode before?

Could work in a similar way to the way blueprinting championships in Horizon 3 went (Something that needs to come back) but with the option to switch it from a points-based championship to a time-based championship and run the tracks solo with your time being compared to the AI’s simulated times. At the end the leaderboard is just the total time for all events added together.

It’d be really cool if they added some new UI for this like other rally games showing how your time compares to the fastest AI at various splits but honestly just bringing back championship blueprints and adding an option for time-based leaderboards vs position/points-based leaderboards could be really cool for people who want the rally experience within Horizon.

Bonus points if they add the option to enable damage for yourself and all of the AI cars and for resetting damage to not be possible until the championship is over.

You need rally physics first but it should be in H5 I guess.

The original Horizon had a rally DLC and yes the idea of doing that in FH4 has been brought up before. Personally I wouldn’t like to see it, because apart from anything else, I don’t believe they would do a good job of it. The AI in Forza is terrible so the only value would be in setting times against other players, and guess what, we already have exactly that in the form of dirt rivals.


FH4 already has Rally mode, it’s called…Open World Make Your Own Track Race With Any Car :slight_smile: Create a rally stage blueprint and race it, now you’ve got Rally Mode…

I can’t find that button, is it under DLC? lol

Blueprint Creator is your friend…