Rain on Interior

I’m sure everybody is aware of this idiotic issue is it even up for fix? There is no way you did not know about this issue when you put this game out, you must have seen it. So what’s up? Fix this basic, simple, stupid, embarrassing problem, would you please. And while I’m here, does somebody at Playground wanna break out the company credit card and upgrade your webhosting for this forum from “basic”, just “just enough so it doesn’t embarrass a multi-billion dollar corporation”?


If I am not wrong, it is on the known issues list since two or three month now.

And the forum will stay “basic” alone that no other language than english is allowed speaks enough. Almost every other big publisher has at least some local language pages (Ubisoft/Electronic Arts) for the biggest markest. More likely the forum will shut down to leave the communication through twitter or facebook than get an upgrade.

For me it is a certificate of poverty that one of the biggest software companies of the world has such a worse internet appearance for one of its top gaming products. Though the very bad connectivity in the forum seems to be a echo of the past. I can remember the times last year where sometimes opening a thread needs up to five minutes to end into an error message. You could literally spending an hour in the forum with going absolutely nowhere…