Stop Complaining - Open Tickets

The forum really isn’t the place you are going lodge any successful kind of complaint.

If you have something negative to report about the game trust me, we have all seen it! You know who hasn’t? Anyone actually at Playground games.

Open a support ticket - Get it cancelled as a known issue. At least someone saw it.

Stop playing until it’s fixed - Microsoft studios on gamepass get payed based on play time and player count. Want to force then into action? Stop playing.

I happen to love the game and I am more than willing to keep playing as is. So if you really hate it how it is stop playing and you’ll get what you want. :+1:


Thousands of tickets were raised for bugs in FH4. The same bugs that were carried across into FH5. This is unacceptable and extremely frustrating especially for those people who purchased this game aswell as die hard fans of the Forza series.

Therefore if people want to vent their frustrations in these forums with the hope that mass negative feedback might possibly get some attention that results in change then let them.


So everyone should just sit back and patiently wait for improvements after being fed a lie through a pre release hype train?

A forum “a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged”. Which is exactly what people here are doing, they aren’t wilfully demanding changes. They are simply bringing up the terrible experiences they are having in conjunction with opening tickets and guess what, nothing still happens. This very notion of allowing devs/authority to decide when you have the right to enjoy something you paid for is ludicrous.


This makes no sense, sorry!

You are tired of the “complaining” posts here i’m sure support is tired too! But yeah spam them… it brings more people to the forum searching/asking for help here…
And Microsoft gives a … they get payed monthly regardless of u playing or not and it’s the best thing that can happen if u pay and not using it.


I am not a fan of the empty and pointless whine threads, as other users here would attest, but to tell people they shouldn’t discuss the issues at all is blatantly stupid. Discussing things can help solve problems. Some people might think they’ve encountered a bug, then they come here, talk about it, and people say “Wait up bud, that’s a you problem, here’s how you fix it”. If we followed your inane idea, none of that would happen.

Hell, I’ll take the scraped knee, whine like a spoilt child threads if it means other people stand a better chance of fixing issues, than a dead, empty forum with nothing but happy happy funtime nonsense. As for telling people to stop playing, you do realise that achieves exactly nothing at all. They have your money already, so shutting up and saying nothing, or even more stupidly, stopping playing, saves them a whole lot of effort. How staggeringly moronic do you have to be to think that’s a good option to recommend?


Yep absolutely agree with this. I’ve learnt of some issues I’d have never realised about because of what people are posting, I won’t say it makes me happy but it helps me understand just how borked this game is!

Just opening tickets though everytime isn’t the answer as they will get closed if it is already known. What I do now is try to be more pro-active with my tickets, I’ll search the known issues list and if it’s already there I won’t open one.

The Turn 10 Feedback Program has just sent out surveys on FH5 if anyone is a member of that, I think it’s partially bound by a none disclosure so I won’t go into detail of what I put but I did try to be constructive about what I have found positive and negative so far.

IMO his point was more about that no one from developers side is looking here, not that we can’t or shouldn’t talk.


They’re looking and they know the problems.
Its the silence from them that’s the problem.

We have only just moved into the time that it takes for a new update since the message on the 19th.

That’s the point…Day 12 since the last communication and we have zero clue what is happening. WIll all the fixes be in one large Update just prior to Series 2? Will it happen before Christmas? Will it happen before 2022? Are they even working on it or all gone for a congratulatory holiday?

I get that you don’t care if there’s any communication from them but a lot of people do…any self-respecting company keeps it’s customers informed if there’s issues…they don’t just simply ignore them. Then again, PGG is a subsidiary of Microsoft who are just as useless at communication and PGG are well-known as being poor when it comes to their players.

Ultimately, if they have time to program an in-game message promoting something every player is aware of (win this car in Seasonal events messages), then they have time to say to their players “We apologise for the issues and are working hard to resolve them”…however, they don’t even apologise for all the bugs…just “You gave us money, we give you this unfinished product, now live with it!”

And, yes, I am sure people will say I should be more patient or I should try games that are even worse…I have tried even worse games (Football Manager is the buggiest I have ever played) but it is no excuse. In this day and age of Social Media and whatnot, it doesn’t take any effort to make the people who pay your wages (the people who buy the games) feel that you appreciate their loyalty.

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I think it is very important that people come here and complain.
First of all people need to share their griefs about things sometimes. Knowing there are other people having the same stupid issues, even if it is just with a game, can definitely help.
Furthermore, sometimes a workaround or actual fix (in the case of software incompatibility for example) can be found by people thinking and trying together.

From my ticket numbers I calculated support received about 1850 tickets per day the past 19 days. It can be easier to find a solution to a problem here.

I do like the meta-ness of this thread though.


From a support point of view, it is pointless complaining here as, apart from MM, nobody reads the forum (far as we know anyway). However, the forum acts as a vent for those frustrated by a lack of any sort of official announcement on when we might see some sort of update for the game…will it be just before Series 2 like with FH4 where the game was updated? Will it be before Christmas? Will it be before 2022?

From a send your complaints to support point of view, is anyone at Playground even aware of the complaints? How many of the complaint tickets are forwarded on from Turn 10 to Playground? Do Turn 10 simply send Playground a summary of the complaints at the end of the working day? But, yeah, tickets are the only way to contact anyone so no choice really

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Yes the problems are ignored actually. I had a ticket 3 years ago, and the problem was in FH4 for 3 years. My ticket was for the vinyls not working in the auction house, and they still don’t work in FH4 Auction House. Oh yeah, and I made a second ticket for the vinyls flipping in the vinyl editor, and they still flip in FH5 vinyl editor.

The developers aren’t spending their time reading the forums - that’s my role - while they work on debugging. They are regularly informed of bugs primarily through tickets, which is why I posted the PLEASE READ information in the Support forum. I also regularly inform them of the opinions expressed here. Every level of Turn 10 and Playground Games is aware of what the community is saying and reporting and we’re all interested in getting issues resolved.

Opinion and criticism is fine here as long as it isn’t profane or trolling or abusive, but as has been stated above, tickets are the best way to make the developers aware of whatever issues you encounter. As soon as I have more information to share about fixes, I will.

I completely understand the frustrations here and do thank everyone for their patience as we work toward fixes.

An additional note: PLEASE READ is more than just a suggestion. In that thread I describe why tickets are marked solved or closed - the idea that users are being ignored or dismissed is not the case here.


If they don’t just ignore them, then why has such a simple fix like the UI for the brake balance in the tuning tab been mislabeled and backwards since FH3?

All they have to do is swap the labeling, or reverse the function of the slider.

Most people probably don’t even KNOW this is backwards, and are tuning their cars wrong. I’ve seen YouTube’s using it on videos with 10s of thousands of views, not knowing they are doing it wrong.


OK, nothing is ignored sounds good but then how can this happen after 1+ year??? (in FH4 and FH5)

Option/UI to reset carpos is everywhere except in playground…

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Yes but I would complain that the devs don’t read the forums, that would be my main complaint.

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I’ve read the post back and the comments. I’m autistic and struggle to convey myself great. I’m trying to be more active in discussion and I’m not doing too good.

I meant they aren’t reading our complaints here. The only way they see the complaints is through tickets and they earn their money through retention time. If people stop playing, they would receive less money and spend more people hours on fixing it.

Wasn’t trying to tell you all what to talk about. I apologize.


You will never get everyone to agree with you on any subject. You have to get used to people disagreeing with you. I see the ticket system as a way to hide complaints away from the public place of a forum. But if Playground Games fixed problems it wouldn’t matter if those problems were originally public. ‘No Man’s Sky’ had a lot of public complaints, they fixed it, and now it is called one of the best games of all time. It got rewarded by all of the public complaints.


You conveyed yourself fine and were perfectly clear in what you were saying. Sometimes it simply comes down to people reading something differently than someone else, that’s all.

To be honest, this forum is a perfect replica of the Microsoft forum (I suspect Microsoft copied this forum’s model): People have an issue with something so they search for, and find, the official support forum…they come along and post their complaint, issue whatever without realising that, whilst being an “Official” support channel, it is effectively an “unofficial” support channel as official people rarely visit.

The main issue with the tickets is that, given how quickly tickets get read, it makes one wonder if anybody even bothers reading them or whether they simply open the ticket, attach the copy/paste answer that they guess applies to the question and then closes it…hence why frequently people get ticket responses that have no bearing on their issue. Makes one consider whether wasting 5 minutes writing a ticket that won’t get read is really worthwhile.