Race Track in FH2

Somebody already posted about adding monaco to horizon, but is it too much to ask for a generic, made up track next to the airport/drag strip? If anybody has ever played TDU2, I’m sure you remember there was track, and although it was pretty bad, it added a whole new aspect of the game which was circuit racing. Hopefully they make a dlc track,whether it’s free or paid for I’d buy it. It kinda sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not.

I hear you but at the end of the day if you want to track race just load up forza 5 , thats if you own it of course

^ Like someones said there’s the motorsport division for track racing, don’t need it on this as well.

Gotta admit, the hidden tracks in the woods after you finished driving across miles in TDU, they were like little oasis’

Great place to meet up before or after a nice cruise… nice place to find random players just lapping. God I loved that game.

But 2 different games with different online implementations. Some of the roads in Horizon 2 seem to be mapped out somewhere circuit like anyways. Not sure if you can map your own course yet.

It would like a track to test setups on.

It sounds pretty cool to have Circuit racing on an enclosed track AND FH2’s huge open world map all in 1 game!

I would like this, just driving along, pull into a track, do a few laps, then drive off. So it would be open to anyone, no loading screens just pull in, and drive

Guys in all honesty driving to a track with some buds in your drift build just to slay tires on the track would be awesome. I agree. Needs a track. Also I don’t understand why there is that ebisu style skill when Motorsport has never had that track on one of their games(which the should)!

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