Race start - display hud during countdown

Not sure when this fad of not displaying the hud became a thing but it’s terrible in fh5 and looks like it’s continuing in fm8.

Just a request to change this pre release hopefully :slight_smile:

Kind of related, for those of us using cockpit view, is the whole thing of initially having the chase camera and only switching to cockpit view in the last second or two before the start.
Absolutely horrible idea.


I am using SimHub and a Android App wich uses the telemetry data output feature. The output of the data is beginning only after the race has started.

I would wish hud display and data output will begin earlier, and full control of clutch.

I was watching hokis initial thoughts video and I think the HUD is displayed? Can anyone confirm?

I saw it too in a video of AR12, I believe it’s there from the start of the countdown.

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Yes, the hud appears when the 3,2,1 starts. Data output also on before start.