Race My 7-Year-Old

My son, Max, turned seven in August and received an Xbox for his birthday. I’m trying to find some online friends for him to play with.

He has Forza Motorsport 6. I’ve played it much more than he has, but he’s pretty good, especially for a seven-year-old boy.

Will a similar-aged person please play with him?

Please try not to curse. He’ll tell me all about it and I don’t want to explain. He can’t drive cleanly because he simply lacks the ability, as do I.

In addition to this fantastic new racing game, he has Minecraft, World of Tanks, Terraria, Madden 16, and a few others. He’s spent only about ten hours of time with his Xbox since August, so he’s a beginner in all of these titles.

Does Horizon 2 ever go on sale? I saw a deluxe edition for about $90 today.

I’d like to get Project Cars, too, if there’s ever a deal on it.

I can help. My stepson will be able to race next weekend from Friday night through Sunday. He is 9 and just loves to drive the cars.

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FH2 I think was on sale a while back for $30 US, but I havent seen the price come down since. Project Cars recently had a price drop under $50 US.

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Thanks for responding, guys.

How do I connect with you, Ape Warrior007, just add you as a friend and send an invite?

I sent you friend request check the followers in your friend section.