R3 NSX-R Ring Tune

Hey guys I have been trying hard to get into the 7:30 under time On The Ring with a R3 NSX-R. can anyone run my setup and give feedback or changes . I run clean lap of 8:08 on my 2nd lap not a standing start lap.
Im using microsoft FFB wheel Manual no clutch, ABS off, TC on stability OFF, steering Normal
here is my setup
tires 30.5/30.5
F/D 3.90-2.89-1.99-1.51-1.20-1.00-0.85
Camber -1.1/-0.9
Toe .2/-0.2
caster 5.7
ARB 12.60/150.00
SPRINGS 295.3/391.8
height 4.1/4.2
Rebound 5.0/5.7
BUMP 2.5/3.0
AERO 65/190
BRAKING 45 front 140%
DIFF 10/25

Could you also post the build? :slight_smile:

max all. tires front 265/30/18 Rear 285/25/19 Dymag wheels single turbo R3 765 full weight reducition. its all upgrades to get to this R3.

Hmm, you’d be better off with a car optimised to the top of its class. Most things that are maxed halfway through a class probably will not be competitive no matter who you put behind the wheel or how much you try. If you’re after a car to hot lap the ring with, actually in R3 there are quite a few to choose from. I could get a sub 7:10 in a good dozen cars so have a gander at the leaderboards and pick out some cars that you see, or ones that could work in a similar way to ones already up there.

im trying w a 458 italia. however even with a already R3 car with a FTC tune not even close. I hit the last 180 turn at around 7:22. and I am giving everything cars got. I guess the tune is way off. I am even using brake lines. they are on but not really watch em. Also I started using the spring formula and when i compare its numbers to FTC for springs and on the FTC they are almost doubled. like on the 458 using formula for spring cal. its supposed be 344/435 and FTC gives me like 560/850. Also how should I setup the Rebound and bump? I road race bikes so I know about suspension setup, using 3/4 of stroke of the shock, and not rebounding too fast and comp u want usually slow. but in the game I cannot figure out nor see a diff?

I just ran a 7:45 with the 458 on my 2nd lap but a dirty lap.