Question about clutch pedal and paddle shifters


I’m a long time Forza with controller player, and I’ve got a Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition (no stick shift) coming tomorrow that I plan to use across various games on PC, including FM7. It’s been a long time since I’ve raced with a wheel and can’t seem to find an answer to this question:

Given that I use clutch + manual on controller, will I need to do the same with a wheel to get better lap times, even though I will be using paddles to shift?

I assume switching to manual no clutch will slow me down slightly? Just seems a bit weird having to use a clutch peddle with paddle shifters.


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In terms of the game configuration settings, yes manual with clutch is faster than manual without clutch, however my experience is that the smoother driving you can get with a wheel when cornering will more than make up for not enabling the “clutch” mode. Try with a car you know well with both settings and see if there is a quantifiable difference for your driving style

I’m not sure it would work but on the thrustmaster TX on the xbox if you held the program button and A which would be X on your wheel it would automatically use the clutch which is assigned to the A button when you used the paddles to up or down shift. Theres a few of these types of functions for the TX which is the same as the t300, one of which is to keep the fan on all the time which I suggest you do, I don’t remember the buttons but you can look it up.

I switched from the Thrustmaster TMX to the Logitech G293.

Both Wheels used the “B” button for the Clutch.

Using Manual Only Seemed to be slower.

On the high-powered cars, I don’t think you need the Clutch button

Good luck with the Wheel!