Quality of Life improvements

I understand there are many issues to be dealt with and I’m not saying that QoL improvements should have a higher priority. However, these are things that would increase my experience with the game that I’d like to see implemented at some point.

Car Selection

I have 540+ cars and I’ve tuned 200+ of them. Navigating that screen can be frustrating, especially when I’m working on a specific group of cars or trying to filter to one specific car that I don’t even know what it is. That being said, it would be great to have filters for New Cars, Duplicated Cars and Horizon Specials groups (e.g. Heavy Hitters). I understand this is no easy task since the filter selection is already quite bloated, but there should be a way to navigate a filter selection screen that would allow for more filters to be applied. Maybe have multiple pages that I can navigate with bumpers or cascading options.

Duplicated cars from wheelspins

On a side note related to car selection, if I get a duplicated car from a wheelspin during an online event, I can’t sell it immediately like I would on a wheelspin that I open from the menu. This is fine by me, I don’t need the credits but for more casual players, having the possibility of selling these duplicated cars would be helpful.

Tyre smoke

Tyre smoke is fine and fun in free roam and drifting. In racing, especially in driver views, it’s simply blinding. I don’t think that removing the smoke is an option since I’m sure there are players that like it. But having the option to disable it would allow people to choose if they want it or not.


They’ve already said no to this, as it would increase the wait time for other players even more. IMO, they need to just stop forcing you to take wheelspins, which would decrease the wait times and let you do them whenever you want.


Agree on everything, but so you know, nothing is going to be done.
People asked for filters since the end of FH3, and the devs never listened or did anything about it. I pretty doubt they are going to “wake up” now.
Also three “quick” slots would be nice where you place your fav cars and you just need to click on them to change the car… but again, who cares at this point.

Smoke? agree. I can barely see in road races because i drive in cabin view. The smoke is so dense and ever lasting that its like trying to drive in a day full of fog.
But sadly, i know nothing is ever going to be done in this game to IMPROVE the player experience, so its better to get used to it and move on.

The thing I find crazy is that many QOL improvements (many of which you haven’t mentioned) benefit the companies behind the game as much as they benefit the players. If you make key QOL changes you make your player base happy. A happy player base equals a successful game. A successful game equals a successful company. If I was running this game I would have a dedicated team working solely on QOL improvements.


My QoL improvement wish list:.

1: Option to disable the “Recommended Cars” feature. Or display the currently used car as the highest priority.

2: Add a “Classic” option to the livery editor that allows selection of the old controls and UI. And make the vinyl thumbnails in the layer list larger, and change the lighting in the paint booth at the festival site to flat style lighting.

3: Add Horizon Special to the car sort.

4: Add an icon to the car list to indicate exclusive cars.

5: Add the feature to preview the livery when applying it to a car already owned, just as if buying the car.

Well, some of the QoL improvements in this list are things that other players have been saying since FH4, so it’s unlikely that they will ever be improved.

My QoL improvement wish list:

  1. Review all player feed back and discussion on these official forums as well as other forums such as stream.
  2. Consolidate feedback into actionable items
  3. Sort actionable items based on subjective user demand
  4. Assign each item a weight from small, medium to large in terms of effort. Break large items into small/medium items
  5. Resort items based on demand and weight.
  6. Push out changes for first items by end of Q1
  7. Pat yourself on the back
  8. Continue working on next batch of items in Q2
  9. Let community pat you on your back
  10. Release first expansion in Q3 or Q4
  11. Continue working on remaining in Q3/Q4
  12. Genuinely win game of the year
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1/ Exit to Desktop from Home
2/ Choose a music track
3/ Apply Vinyl Outside Home
4/ Fast Travel to actual location, and not in front of it
5/ show which car a Vinyl is for
6/ Put the arrows back on the map pointing to next Seasonal Continue
8/ Show if you have used a skill life when you have two lives

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I want an option to add an icon to the vehicles thumbnail image in the garage to show which ones I’ve tuned. They’ve shown that they can add an icon to mark those vehicles that have offroad tires equipped, why don’t they expand it to show all types of installed tires. That at least would give you an idea of the cars that are upgraded.

What I do is paint cars that are tuned.

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Agree with the filters being so damn slow. Why is everything linear top to bottom so you have to go down down down to find what you want. It’s the same with the map filters. You could greatly reduce button presses and time by adding menu efficiencies.

Also agree it would be useful to filter duplicates as I like to only have one version of any car.

With 533 cars in my garage it’s not very user friendly but I make use of favourites as a quick way to strip out most of the cars I won’t use.

  • I wish the Map and every other menu would remember your last sort filter between sessions (for map) and between entering and exiting the car selection screen. For example, I’m usually happy to have ALL but the stupid fully discovered XP and Fast Travel boards always being shown is such an annoying hassle. They should permanently toggle to off when all found and the player needing to manually show it. Not the other way around.

  • Allow a fully zoomed out map. Not 1/3 zoomed out.

  • I definitely agree about Duplicate sorting. Would be great on the Auction Listing selection.

  • On-the-fly tune change on a car with a downloaded tune results in a message saying tune is locked. Pressing OK puts the stock tune on, pressing Cancel leaves the tune page. Why not just let us be on the tune page, but have the tune options greyed out or locked visually so we can search for a new tune to download without having to apply the stock tune first? Sometimes I just want to check what tune I have on a car or what other tunes I had for it and just opening the tune menu outside of Festival/Garage means I have to apply the stock tune before I can do anything else when all I wanted to do was visually see the tune name I was currently using.

  • Would you like this car delivered to you? - I mean… is this a left over coding copy and paste from FH3 where it used to cost money to have the car delivered? What is the point in this additional nonsensical prompt if not copy and paste code for an irrelevant/non-existent mechanic?

  • In FH3 if you set a destination marker, then fast traveled somewhere other than that marker, the car would be placed facing the route direction to that marker. Not having a marker was 50/50 which direction you faced. In FH5, why do you make the cars face the side of the road/walls? The FH3 method was perfect. Fast travel placement is just broken in FH5.

  • Make a user initiated save and quit option in the pause menu/festival site/house.

  • Allow switching to a previously used (not designated as NEW) vehicle in the My Cars garage without the visual show off and without landing on the Vista View (just go back to menu where My Cars is). If NEW, then I’m ok with how it is as you want to show off the new car.

  • Add Horizon Promo link in Festival Site/House on the screen with the Festival Activities and Character Customisation stuff. Currently only accessible via pause menu when outside a house/site.

  • Drift Zone markers should be tied into the Driving Line. Full Driving Line shows the flags. No Driving Line has the flags removed.


On PC there is a setting that will minimize/remove the effects like: tyre smoke, dust, fog. I believe the game is better without them. Yes in freeroam is cool but racing it’s not so cool.

The only thing you can do is to reduce particle quality, that i assume it means particle density. That alone doesnt fix the main problem. Because if you lower particle density that much, then many particle effects are horrible, and i dont even know if its even worthy…

Yes, yes yes to most of everything you all have said.

Main ones for me -

The map zoom - why can’t we see the whole map?

“Would you like this car delivered to you?” - an unnecessary prompt and wastes time.

Filter for cars - main one I’d like to see is Duplicate vehicles, accessible from Auction House please.

Wheelspins during Events - Just save the wheelspin so we can do it in our own time.

Map Filter - Allow us to save a custom Map Filter which doesn’t get re-set each time we start the game.

And last one - Allow use of LB bumper to navigate to the end of a menu E.G Accolade menus - instead of using RB 5 times to get to the last screen, hitting LB once from the first screen would do the trick.


IKR. Like what is the actual point of this prompt.

I forgot to add, being able to scroll back to the top from the bottom of a list by going down again (or press up when at top to go to the last item at the bottom). I think it’s called wrap scrolling? Either way, that would be nice.

We definitely need QoL improvements, or just consistency, as OP says. We can sell through wheelspins in freeroam but not in events. We can pin accolades, but we can’t pin festival challenges. We can see speed, handling, etc. details when browsing tunes, but not when browsing cars. Oh, and the consistency in menus is awful. In a festival, I -can- get to car mastery, but somehow it is through upgrades.

A couple more here: it would be nice to have a sort by date in accolades, so we can easily see if an accolade unlocked correctly or was bugged, which is always a dice roll. And we need a way to see car masteries and what is unlocked through the garage, and through the auction house. Pinning festival challenges would also be crazy useful, especially after yesterday’s 10 air skills in 30 seconds, but generally the weekly chapter challenges should be pinnable, along with seasonal PR stunts, etc.

I personally think selling while in events would be a backward step. It would be better to just do away with forced-wheelspins altogether.

If a player earns a wheelspin during an event, it should just be added to your existing wheelspin tally, with a brief message or on screen icon to say it’s been added.

As for my own personal QOL ideas?

The wall off over large text when starting a game of The Eliminator and when upgrading mid game.

Loads more, but don’t have time right now to list them, but mostly streamlining of the UI, where there are loads of baked-in wastes of time.


I would just like to sort rims by weight.


I have a few improvements:

  • Camera like photo camera when applying vinyls so we can see every part of the car perfectly and zoom in/out
  • Sort wheels by weight
  • Special vinyl colours like with paints, so carbon, metallic, matte, etc.
  • Paintable windows
  • Custom tyre lettering, either by entering custom text or make the tyres a new vinyl part
  • Deep dish rear wheels
  • Custom wheel offset instead of default steps
  • Make the entire car paintable, so no more plastic parts or unpaintable mirrors, spoilers or roofs
  • Custom exhaust tips
  • Better graph when tuning gears. Now it’s really hard to see which RPM your gear will pick up in. Sega GT nailed this perfectly in 2000(!)
  • Increase amount of My Designs. I don’t know what it is in FH5 but in FH4 it was 500 which just wasn’t enough
  • Be able to view designs before downloading them like in the Auction House where you can view the car before you buy it. Or at least make us view a fullscreen picture of the car. Preferably front/rear
  • Be able to read descriptions when viewing new designs or tunes. Now this can only be done after you have downloaded them
  • Maybe increase the amount of characters we can enter in titles and descriptions? I like to enter a good title and add a proper description of my tunes and paints so people know which body parts and wheels to use for example
  • Something I’ve always wanted to see in racing games: Proper automatic transmissions. So we can let players choose between automatic / manual without clutch / manual with clutch / realistic transmissions without clutch / realistic transmissions with clutch (if applicable). The idea is that when you drive a Bentley Continental for example, you will only be able to choose P, R, N, D, S instead of 1-6. You could hold up or downshift buttons to enter M-mode. In D or S the transmission will shift automatically like in real life
  • Select amount of gears when installing race transmission and leave the ratios for street and sport stock. Now they add gears with street and sport which I’m not a fan of. This forces you to use a race transmission or the new drift transmission -depending on what car you drive- to have a certain amount of gears
  • Paintable license plates? Or more types of plates? Now when you want a Japanese plate on your car you’ll have to paint one and remove the standard Horizon plate
  • Fix the colour difference between the paint/vinyl menu and in-game. It’s annoying to have to go back and forward to get the right colour in-game when you race. In my experience the colours will be much brighter in-game as opposed to when painting the car

That’s about it for me! :slight_smile: