PVP Events dead. Please open up to EVERYONE ONLINE

So we can race each other for our events PVP style. THis is such a cool idea. But it doesn’t work when it’s limited to searhing for 12 peopl in a pool of 20. The pool needs to system wide. This makes no sense. To find enough players that need to do the same event as me, or haven’t done it yet, plus want to play PVP the poool needs to be in the millions or close to it.
I don’t understand why they would think this would work>>>???


:100:%! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found 1 person to race against 90% of the time… It should bring all players around the world searching for a PVP race and not just the people in your session…

It’s so stupid how it only sends a notification (if you can even call it that) to the few people in your server. Most of the time there’s only around 30-50 people in mine, and you’re lucky to get 1 person joining.

Wish we had a quickmatch option or something.

Online adventures are 30 mins of freeroam rush BS and loading screens, while you only get to race for something like 5 mins…


Another thing to fix online multiplayer would be for them to make the notification more attention grabbing. A little prompt for LB in the corner doesn’t do much. If it had a message pop up above it saying something like “Event starting soon” more people could notice it.

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So someone wants to have a pvp race with me when this shows up ? I have no idea how often I missed that micro-notification but never figured what it means. When I hit LB the map comes up.

If an online event is starting the notification shows up and pressing LB should bring you to the map and event. If it only brings you to the map then look in the top left for an event prompt.

This is a great Idea, so if you play a PVP event and you don’t have another player around you maybe can find someone else in another server picking the same race as you.

Notifications wouldn’t matter because you will see the player connecting that race. EVENTS OPEN TO ANY SESSIONS!

And it should also show is somebody hosting co-op race or pvp. Because that effect a lot what car could pick in co-op race is mutch easier to choose lower class car but now need to pretty mutch pick best possible car because dont know is that pvp or co-op.