PvP could be awesome, but it's not

PvP could open so many possibilities for online competitions but it doesn’t as it comes with built in problems.

It is limited to the player pool of your Horizon Life player pool which in my experience is generally 20 to 30 players. This just is too small to really do what you want. The PvP pool needs to be game wide with matchmaking. This way like minded racers could be matched. I might want to race B class offroad and everyone else in my Life session may want to drag race or only race hypercars.

Another problem is lack of championships. Right now we are restricted to only the couple of seasonal championships. Even then it is a crap shoot. 4 times I tried to set up the C Class seasonal event and only got it once out of 4 tries with 3 times being jammed into the A Class Super Saloon event I wanted nothing to do with? Even though I initiated the specific event I wanted it generated a different event.

The thread on showdown races made me think how perfect PvP would be for those. They would get a lot of action if implanted. Pure CHOICE as D Class can race against X Class in the showdowns. Everybody gets to drive exactly what they want to drive which is severely missing from this game.

Every thing is there in this game but they just need to let us get to it. The current restrictions in online racing is the only thing (OTHER THAN LACK OF RIVALS) is all that is keeping this from being the greatest racing game ever. But currently because of these shortcomings the game has no legs or staying power to keep players interested and playing (and buying DLCs and expansion packs!).

The potential and tools are there, all they have to do is do it. Step one open PvP game wide and give players choice of class.


I’m not sure how they’d go about it but I agree, some form of wider matchmaking would definitely improve the PVP and Co-op experience. Considering it’s only been out a week and stats show there are 2 million players, it really doesn’t feel like that, biggest co-op or PVP I’ve managed out of many attempts has seen only 4 of us line up in the most populated race.

I dont know what they were thinking when they made the multiplayer… but damn… its a big dissapointment.

Yeah, if there are 2 million people playing but you are restricted to the 25 people in your Horizon Life session something is wrong. The team adventure nonsense has game wide matchmaking if PvP did as well it would be tremendous rather than 100% useless.

I got the 2 PvP achievements (Tortoise and the Hare/Human After All) yesterday and I found it really frustrating!

I only got a match in about a quarter of my attempts, then when I was able to race I somehow ended up offline after finishing, which meant that I couldn’t re-race the same people and I had to join a new Horizon Life session.

My advice - check how many players are in your HL session, if there are less than 15 join a new session before trying PvP. If you try 2-3 times and don’t find a match, then join a new session and try again rather than repeatedly trying with the same group of people.

I agree, the matchmaking would be much better with a bigger pool of players available.