PvP championship design issues

So these seem, if we’re honest, a little busted.

Don’t get me wrong. The core concept really speaks to me. A set of weekly leagues with class and spec restrictions? A reason to actually tweak and spec some of the weirder elements of your garage that holds to the seasonal concept? fantastic. I’m in. Gimme. Frankly, it seems like it should be a leading playstyle, with pride of place over the kind of terrible Adventure.

There’s just some elements that really conspire to ruin these. (The lack of rewards has been fixed in todays patch, so one of my big issues is fixed)

First, there’s a lack of clarity in what an event requires, primarily with the open spec races. To be clear here, if there isn’t a Class B Hot Hatch on an event, you can enter any spec car that’s valid. How do you know whats valid? You have to… enter the Event. So this week we have an off road open to Lancias. I’ve seen infinite people who rock up and enter with a stock lancia, and then get eaten alive by my ridiculous S2 monster. It’s a baffling situation.

Second, You could end up in any old event. Anything. I assume this is a matchmaking thing when there aren’t enough people in your chosen one, but combined with above, the number of people getting plonked into races they don’t have a suitable car for is just baffling, and it’s leading to these events becoming kind of empty. That’s a shame, when they work they are great.

It seems like theres a bunch of quality of life solutions that could help with this.

Menu matchmaking. Make it big and clear and obvious what each event is. It’s fun in terms of exploring the map to drive to each event, but if the PVP variant is going to put you in another race type anyway, whats the point? I expect it would make the pool of players bigger anyway.

Make rental cars competitive, or at least NEAR competitive. It’s no fun to be stuck in a car 80 points below the league. You might as well bail at that point.

That’s my view anyway, thoughts on this?