Purpose of locked cars?

So about a week before FM7 dropped, I bought a 2014 Charger SRT in real life. The FM7 car list said the 2012 (same thing) was back. Finally, my real life car will be in the game!

…nope. Still cannot have it. It’s not the fastest, best handling, etc, so why is it locked? Why is the 392 Challenger also locked? Some of us would like to use modern Mopars that don’t have 707hp. Add in all of the other locked cars and I just find it confusing… 4 months this game has been out and I still can’t have a freakin 2012 Charger that’s sitting right there in the game, pointlessly taking up space.

What is the point in locking all of these, really?


T10 wanted to devise a way to keep the forums active… Tad… “Locked Cars”


I’d really hope that’s not it lol. It’s just odd to me… all that work to render cars that haven’t seen a Forzathon or the Specialty Dealer yet. I remember the days of making fun of racing games with locked cars. :frowning:


Well it’s not reasonable to lock cars to increase the longevity of the game because folks are losing interest. Also, not fair IMHO to make events that if you don’t succeed you don’t get the car… Say a bounty event. Don’t get me wrong I love the events, but some folks still paid their money and need another way to obtain the cars locked.

I always thought career (online career or single player) should unlock any and all game aspects, because we all pay for the game.

I personally think their is a design flaw and should be eliminated immediately.


The purpose is obvious - to give the game longevity with cars being unlocked as you participate in events.

Whether you approve is another matter.


Pretty much. #Forzathon and its gated content was a big success for Forza Horizon 3* and this is one of the things it has evolved into.

*It’s what got me back into playing that game after completing it, to the point where I started painting again.

A sad state of affairs if this is the truth. Do T10 have such little confidence in their own product that they need to spoon feed us morsels of content in order to keep us interested?

I apologize to the PC Police, I was unaware that common silverware was offensive.

To put things into my personal perspective, I put off buying a XB1 console for two whole years because FM4 was so freaking awesome, I couldn’t justify paying $500 for a device which allowed me to play a game that I already had. Storefronts, clubs, great multiplayer and killer leaderboards/rivals mode, why change was isn’t broken? I played FM4 for four years because I loved the game, for FM it’s been nothing but downhill since.


i am not a fan of playing online. just noticed that afew of the cars where unlocked in league multiplayer only.this sucks are the cars going to be offered again later?


Point and Case… I don’t do online as well… Mostly because of wreckers but also because an online line race takes way to much time… Which is always limited for me

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FWIW, you only need to participate in one race during the week long session to win the car or driver suit. And there’s usually a ghost league, so you don’t even have to worry about crashers.

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To artificially extend the total duration people play (in months, not per session) and what events they participate in by locking those cars behind said events. It also encourages people to buy the game at launch so they don’t miss a locked car which is only available for a limited time. In addition. they were originally intended to be in prize crates; so likely to drive microtransaction revenue.

To be fair, after the nonsense with Battlefront II came about, the latter part of that was dropped very quickly, and microtransactions have yet to be implemented.

It works pretty well. I still fire up Horizon 3 every Friday to work out the last 10 or so cars I missed by not buying the game at launch. You could argue that FM7 is “worse” in the sense that not only are there almost twice as many locked non-FE/HE cars, but also just participating in Forzathons (that have a sketchy history of working) isn’t enough. You also have to participate in (and beat) rivals, participate in league challenges, and keep tabs on the specialty dealer.

Some people are okay with this, others are really upset. Either way, that is where we stand.


I guess it depends on why someone would buy this (or any) game. If its to hurtle through it in a week or two then sure, they won’t like locked content. If someone wants to put in rather more time they’ll unlock everything eventually. It isn’t artificially extended. Every FM has featured events and incentives throughout its 2 year lifespan and beyond.

I think you’ll see that cars will start to rotate so that anything previously missed will become available at a later date.

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Except it has not been 1 or 2 weeks,coming up on 6 months now ans still a bunch of locked cars.

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You do have a point in that some people will play the game longer regardless. FM7 has been out 4 months now and some people are still play FH3, FM6, and other Forza titles I’m sure.

Still, if I am understanding it correctly, the last car unlocked in FH3 was the Mini John Works Cooper GP HE, which was made available on September 22, 2017. One year after release of the game. I consider myself to be a pretty obsessive player, giving each Forza title about 6 months of time in which I purchase, tune, and drive every car available. 1 year is twice that, and 26 to 52 times longer than a week or two. The number of people who naturally play the game that long has to be pretty low. Keeping in mind that none of us can say for sure without data that likely only T10 and Microsoft have, and there is a higher chance of people who do play that long posting on a forum dedicated to the franchise.

Well they got the opposite result in my case: I’ve bought the game at launch and played it until about mid-December, haven’t touched it since then.

My first Forza game was FM4 and Forza was my favourite game series: I haven’t get bored with any FM game until a new one released.

Why FM7 is a different case? Main reason because Turn10 choosen to change the style of the game from sim-like to more game-like. FM7 is more similar to Forza Horizon 3 in style than to FM6. Locked cars, loot crates, driver costumes - like a game for age 12 and under.
Even when I start FM7, first it loads that stupid lookin’ '88 Monte Carle with the donk wheels - no matter what car I used last time. I hate that car but there is no way to sell it. It’s a pity, because the physics are the best ever we had in a Forza game. But after 2 months I got fed up with the prize crates, the locked content, the bugs, the less detailed graphics (original XBOX here). I’ve bought Project Cars 2 in December and having fun with it since then.


Oh, I resemble that remark :slight_smile:
It’s a migration - and it’s one I’m not returning from. RIP Forza.


And in Pcars 2 the cars are - eh, oh wait, let me think a moment - locked. At least in career mode where you can’t choose the race series you want to race, only a few around your actual race series. And special events (and with them the cars) are completely locked. And guess what? You can only unlock these events and cars by WINNING race series seasons and by EARNING cups and badges.
Fed up by the bugs of FM7 and having fun with PC2 is leaving the demon to dance with the devil.

Out of curiosity, are the locked cars in PC2 unlocked only by progression, or is it like FM7 where there are time-limited events? I don’t mind grinding out race series or obtaining badges. What bugs me about the locked cars in FM7 is that if you miss a specific event, don’t get the game at launch, or opt to start over for any reason, you’re out of luck.


The cars are locked in career mode only. Career is sorted by 6 tiers with different race series like gt3, lmp, f1 (called fa), formula rookie, cart and so on. Tier 5 and 6 are locked completely at the beginning of your career. Once you made your way up to higher tiers you’ll find the lower tiers locked or a part of them. I for example did tier4 or tier5 gt3 and thought I go back to tier1 to do the odd cart races to get them done once and for all in next season and found them locked as well as other race series. So you can’t choose from the whole tier scheme whatever you want to race (what means that certain cars are locked for next season).

The special events like manufacturer races and invitationals are career events too and once you have unlocked them you can repeat them whenever you want in your career. But they are locked completely at the beginning and you have to unlock them by winning career seasons, other special events or by earning “badges” for let’s say driving a Lotus in 25 races to unlock the 1st Lotus manufacturer event.

To point it out clearly, that’s only in career mode. In free play and multiplayer you can pick every car that exists in the game.

Edit: I am fine with unlocking cars, items or whatever as a reward for progress in games too. I am also absolutely fine with having locked cars in a game too that only can be earned for a certain time limit. All kind and genre of games are using that more or less to keep you playing. Fifa Ultimate Team with their special player cards that are available for a week or two only (despite of the transfer market), Assassin’s Creed does so with their “battle against the gods” events where you can earn special items. And so on and so on.
So these cars or items are really something special and I think to earn something is a far better feeling and way more satisfying than being thrown at with eg. cars, items. If everything were available for everyone every time, it is loosing its value rapidly and becomes boring and uninteresting. That’s how life is working and so do games too.

On a side note I am convinced that the cars, that you have missed for some reason, will be available again at the SD or in other events like Forzathon or as league rewards.


“Coercing” is not the right word. Contrary to what many people seem to think, this is not Forza Civic, Forza Skyline, Forza Mazda, Forza Porsche or whatever. This is Forza Motorsport. It features all kinds of cars waiting there to be driven. Gift cars from Leagues, etc., cannot be sold, yes, but all the career unlockables can, and I see plenty of them in the AH, which is good as there are a few I want multiple of.

I would like you to explain in detail how the absence of “locked cars, loot crates, driver costumes” make a game “sim-like”.

Especially when you can no longer cheese the leaderboards with overpowered, unrealistic builds. If anything, FM7 is the most simulation Forza has ever been.

For ages, people have been making driver gear mods for “real sims”. Go look at the modding websites and you should find plenty, especially for the older titles.

And complaining about bugs then moving onto Project CARS 2… What can I say of this paradox?