Purchased ultimate edition, xbox charging me for the Alpinestars Car pack?

So as mentioned above, I purchased the Ultimate edition of Forza Horizon 3, which includes the car pass. I love the game and had previously downloaded the first car pack no problem. I sign on today to download the latest car pack, and xbox is asking me to pay $9.99 US. for the Alpinestars Car pack. I tried to uninstall the car pass and reinstall without any luck. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

If you own the car pass you do not need the car pack.

Let the game update download and then go to dlc tab in autoshow.


Thank you! I did another full restart on my XB1 and went to the auto show and cars were available. With all past Forza car passes, i still went to the Microsoft store, clicked the install button on said car pack, and it would go through like any other transaction, while charging me $0.

Problem solved… MODs, lock/delete if you wish.

Well, that’s a bit strange. The same happened to me. I was able to get all cars inside the game and, after reading this thread, I went to check the Store and it says I have to buy it.

No problem there, but I find something odd: I followed this exact same procedure with the Smoking Tire car pack last month and it is shown as purchased in the Store.


Same thing going on here. I have the cars in game but the store says buy for 6.99. A bit strange as long as I get my content and it works, not a big deal. Just odd.