Project Cars is looming.....

I’m hearing a new track? Monza keeps cropping up, hope it’s not as I find it dull, brands hatch or Donington park would be better. And I really REALLY miss Sunset Peninsula, by far the best made up track on Forza ever.

As for the whole DLC stuff, here in the UK we’ve not seen this “Infiniti” ad stuff on dashboard and I think someone said Vettel’s Red Bull from last year, you need to know it’s powered by Renault not Infiniti! Reanult owns Nissan & the latter.

DLC in terms of “Race cars” has been quite frankly p*** poor, the only decent cars I’ve seen was the Toyota GT One or known as TS020 and the M3 DTM from last year.

Being a Toyota Hybrid fan I’d like to see the TS030 because PlayStation got it so why can’t Forza? From what I recall Toyota and Forza have a decent relationship. Plus more DTM and Super GT cars & I like to see more ovals and NASCARS. Also being in a league for Indycars which by the way handle AWFUL it get so mad, all the cars have either massive Understeer or oversteer. It’s like Forza rushed this game so Microsoft could have more money to take in on day one, why ruin what could have been a great game!?

Sadly, until Forza adds more race cars into the game or FM6 Project cars will make it it’s b***h and that’s simply the cold heart truth.

I didn’t pay nearly £550 for a console and half complete game and then get crappy old 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s & 80’s rubbish cars. Just doesn’t add up sorry it doesn’t.

If Forza can sponsor Le Mans first chicane surely make a deal with FIA WEC get those damn cars on this game. I’ve counted the actual race cars from the DLC’s and frankly is rubbish. And what happened to the ALMS thing? Did IMSA say no? So no TUSCC cars…just I could go on and on to be fair.

Turn 10, you got to up the ante now if you are doing Forza 6 you can’t keep putting proper pitstops or night racing / rain away anymore and you need to more RACE CARS.

I’ll remain loyal to Forza, but sadly (and I’ve got Alpha PCars) project cars simply blows it out of the water. And also, Forza Horizon 2 should take all them stupid crappy road cars and not on to Forza MOTORSPORT.

Frankly to sum it up :


Night racing
Better handling model.

I agree with the ovals, and it sure would be nice to see the NASCAR stock cars back, night racing, rain but that is all wishlist material. As for project cars or the crew, I believe turn 10 realizes we are gamers, and that we love motor sports, and of course we will play them when they arrive. I was a huge need for speed fan. That did not stop from playing the original Forza when it came out, and if they are awesome I’m sure I’ll still play Forza 6 when it comes out. Why? Cause I’m a gamer!

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I miss oval racing with mates in V8 Supercars and NASCARS, was always fun but there’s one oval and I’m bored of Indy

I’m just bored and fed up in general to be frank mate. I love Forza I do, but it’s time they use next gen for what it’s worth and not hold back anymore.

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I miss the old 360 days where I would get home from work and have 2 or 3 racing games to choose between.

Looking forward to FH2, Project Cars, The Crew, F1 One.1 (whatever it will be called lol) and Forza Motorsport 6.


Unless you got rid of your 360 and those games, don’t you still have the choice of playing with them?

I still have my 360 and a few games but I do not tend to return to old games, particularly on the previous console.

So I will be happy when I have 2 or 3 new Xbox One racing games.

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Car Wishlist
Track Wishlist
Feature Wishlist

These are stickied at the top of the subforum for a reason.

And for the record, many people enjoy racing the older cars. In the game, there is the entire Vintage series and people still enjoy them and race them in real life. In fact, living Monterey there is more of these older cars and street cars racing than actual race cars and yet you’d like to see them removed? There are other games out there that are purely for racing such as the Formula 1 series by Codemasters, the Grid series by Codemasters, Project Cars is coming and you can have a blast playing those games.

As for Forza, it is a circuit racing game and as such it includes Vintage Cars, American Muscle Cars, Cars that could race in the B-Spec Series, all the way to high end LMP cars (FM4) and hopefully with the way the franchise is going more open wheel and F1 cars. No one is forcing you to buy it, and there was plenty of info about what it was going to be before buying it.

As for your wishlist ideas, post them in the correct threads so they get noticed and you may yet see some of those changes.


There is not one word in this post to cause a lock.

Yes there is and as someone that has been here since 2007, you know precisely what it is.

This thread, like so many hundreds of similar threads that have come before it, is wishlists all the way down.

I didn’t say anything about this thread getting locked. That’s not even something I have control over or the power of doing. There is nothing wrong with having a discussion about it here but know that that is a discussion between forum members. If it’s something OP wants the game developers to look at it’s not the right place though.

I have no real interest in any more ovals because I find them almost as dull as driving in a straight line. One more to add variety wouldn’t be so bad, but beyond that we’d be wasting tracks that could’ve been proper circuits.

I don’t get the complaint about poor DLC, either. We’ve had several classic F1 cars added, from the history of the world’s top, most-watched motorsport. People wanted this.


OP, please use the sticky threads at the top of the forum to post your requests for cars, tracks and game features. The more those threads are used, the more likely posters are to see their requests make their way into a future game.

LIke all wishlists, this one has run on longer than necessary and so must come to an end.

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