Produce an Xbox original series

Produce an Xbox original series! I would love to see a series with many episodes. Real drivers could give in depth information about certain tracks and cars, how to handle, set up or tune cars to target certain conditions. You could team up with multiple car manufactures. Each episode could cover a special car and a driver that drives the car on a special track under certain or different conditions (weather). Each episode also delivers the dependent ingame assets like the car or track from the episode. They could also deliver certain events that require the player to apply everything he needed to learn from the TV episode. It’s really time to step up and deliver a great next gen experience. Motorsport is different than other story driven games like Shooter. I think those episodes would really keep players playing the game for a long time and also would attract more players who wants to drive more than a simple arcade racer, but don’t have the needed knowledge.

I thought you were talking about some sort of anniversary edition of the original Forza Motorsport. That had me excited.

On the other hand, a show could be cool. I have heard of an excellent host currently looking for work…

I have meant something like every streets united, but not as superficial and much more professional with professional drivers that give lots of in depth information about cars, driving and car technology. Each episode covers a real professional driver that drives a real car on a real circuit under different conditions. At the same time a DLC is deployed with every episode that contains all dependent assets like the circuit and car from the episode. To make things more challenging there are also some events that you can drive the car under different conditions.