Problems with GT Lobby

However, it is really absurd and meaningless that you have raised the GT class in multiplayer; since it is one of the most competitive mode, where players can find the cleanest (and also among the most beautiful) that there are in Forza 5 … you could very well move it to the section championships.
I really hope, Turn10, that as soon as you forgive the way, maybe with a nice DLC to enlarge the car park of the GT class.

Listen to your fans and players.


I understand the fact that people may think that Turn 10 shakes lobbies around to add variety to encourage more users to race in different hoppers. The hoppers that are there also show how much they pay attention to detail. Like I have stated before, the open wheel grand prix hoppers are set to a 3 lap race on most of them. What is the point of that? What is the point of any of the R P and X class lobbies with such short laps? We all know what happens going in to the first corner. The GT lobby allowed you to make a come back when races are between 5-7 laps. S class endurance makes no sense to me. You can race a mazda miata in it against GTRs, Ferrari’s etc etc. There is no balance to the lobby what so ever. The GT lobby had balance because all of the cars were very close. The Grand Prix lobbies would be fun if they ran more then 3 laps on the GP tracks and had more then 2 people in the lobby. They have had those lobbies out for months and nobody actually uses them, and there have been no changes made to them what so ever.


You have some good points. I would like to see the return of the GT hopper, permanently, amongst the 70’s and Modern GP maybe? And would also ask if those classes could have the length of races increased. The new, monthly hopper for S endurance is about the right length for GT and GP races I think, though personally I like them even longer. In addition having lobbies with and without sim damage would also be good, though there may not be enough that agree with me for them to be regularly populated?

As the person in the above quote mentioned, the open class races in R and below can end up with too much of a mismatch of car types, which is fine for the more relaxed player, but the more motorsport oriented amongst us would prefer a tighter selection of more evenly matched cars :slight_smile:

There was once a small corner of paradise, where GTcars could challenge the wind, and cross the finish line without injury.
Please give it back… GTcars are the ones who wish to.

seriously, we need a lobby out from the infernal demolition derby of all other

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I don’t frequent these forums often but i am quite an avid and long time FM player. I mostly prefer league racing amongst friends and acquaintances but i do participate on the public hoppers whenever possible. I would like to add my voice to raising concern about the complete removal of the GT series hopper. It would be good to see the GT series hopper return permanantly and i’m sure many amongst the community would agree.

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I’m soooo glad I’m not on my own with my thoughts about the forza GT lobby being taken away , I was gutted as well as stunned that it had been removed…!!

The GT hopper was the only one within the game where it felt like a true forza experience , hence that’s why have played nothing but that since it was put on.

Come on turn 10 , do the right thing by your fans and reinstate this hopper ASAP , it seems like more players than I thought want to have the chance to race these brilliant cars in a clean competitive fashion once again. I just hope that some more of the regulars post there thoughts on this.


As requested:

Dear Developer of a game we all enjoy,

It would be ever so appreciated if you could find it in your ever so abundant heart to take pity on us, the poor souls that only wish to bask in the wondrous glory that is your most magnificent driving simulation ever. We humbly beseech you to resurrect with great speed and wisdom, the one bastion of solace we have come to love and cherish. Having it ripped asunder from our weak and tenuous grasp was disheartening, and might I go so far as to say that it has instilled a somewhat abandoned feeling within our souls. We ask that you show us your infinite benevolence, and bestow an everlasting presence of the GT series lobby, wherein we might once again frolic freely without fear of the despised group of ne’er-do-wells who’s only goal is to disrupt our ability to partake in a peaceful gathering of like minded racers. Long live the autonomous decision making entity known only to us common gamers as “Turn 10”, may your lineage of snap decision making and monkey wrench placing peers find the happiness that only can be found defunct and devoid of loyal fans. Otherwise, we would laud the rise of a reasonable ruler that takes into consideration what makes a fun experience for those of us who are “vocal”, rather than summarily smiting that very thing from the face of the game.

Respectfully as possible,

The GT Series Hopper Racing Community (aka the “Whingers”)

That said, would you like for me to text Eric and ask him to turn an extra Azure server on for you? I’m pretty sure he can sneak that in between turns on Civ Rev 2 on his iPad…


Lol, bravo

that was the best hopper turn 10 made in years, very disappointing. sometimes i wonder why they even have ‘motorsport’ in the title.


I think we all knew that the GT hopper would go sooner or later even though it was by far the best hopper, T10 did seem to leave it up as long as possible. Hopefully T10 can see the backlash and give us more balanced hoppers like the GT one was.

The only reason that hopper was balanced was because the cars were a limited few. In a racing game I would love to be able to drive a racing car against like minded people. You can’t make an easily balanced R class because you can do engine and driveline swaps in this game.

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While i still continue to play forza 5 and will continue to buy forza games in the future,the IRACING GT3 series has become my latest addiction most races run 30 minutes and a few run 70 minutes long its the closest you can get to real racing out there.I would love to see turn 10 take some cues from IRACING.

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K Turn 10 / Forza, Its time to step up the game here… Getting rid of the GT Lobby !!! Seriously ? I ONLY race the GT lobbies…
The R lobby is just a joke, people that don’t know how to use brakes, or drive without assists… I wont even bother with the D,C,B,A or S class races.
The “Rally Legends” lobby is a waste. its not even rally racing, kind of need to run on dirt for that…
And no stock cars, stock car race tracks, stock car race lobbies ?!?!?!

Get the COMPLETE car list for a GT series… Like the C7 Corvette that has been dominating the GTLM Class of the Tudor series this year… The BMW Z4, Porsche 911 R. Audi R8

And TRACKS !!! So bored of these tracks, and the variations of them. I understand the variations of each track are used but when you bring the GT lobby back, don’t put the variations of tracks in. With the exception of Le Mans. Old Le Mans, And Le Sarthe need to be in there but leave the Bugatti circuit out…
Watkins Glenn, Daytona GP , Infineon , Belle Isle, Kansas Speedway, Canadian Tire Motorsport park, Virginia International Raceway, Circuit of the America’s… [Mod Edit - abbreviated profanity is not allowed - MM]
GranTurismo 5 Is really starting to look good…

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I’m extremely disappointed in Turn 10, the GT lobby was a real racing lobby with the best drivers and personalities. We all knew we could hop into a random lobby and at least know one or two people in there. You knew if there was a dirty driver they’d be gone the next race. It’s a shame it’s gone and I’d like to see it come back permanently. With racing options limited on the xbox one to basically just forza I don’t think it’s asking much to put the GT lobby back in.

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