Problems with Forza Horizon 2 Photo Mode

I have been playing Forza Horizon 2 for about 2 months. And as to the game, when you take a photo of a new car, then you earn credits. Once you take a photo of a car, you get I think 1,000 credits. Hopefully you all might know about this, and the problem I’ve been having is that the number of the amount of photos I’ve taken is like stuck. I have a picture below and I’ve taken pictures of cars from all the new packs that I’ve not taken a pic before. Once i take a pic, it gives me 1,000 credits on the left side, but the right side where it is 260/260-ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!! What should I do? Please help me I don’t want to reset my xbox and lose all of my data. I’ve restarted the game and my Xbox One more than 5 times but there is no change on the number 260/260. I am suppose to get 100,000 credits after I have snapped a photo of 260 unique cars, but I am not getting what I need.

It’s the same for everyone. The promo tally ends at 260 in the photo mode UI; but, you can view your actual tally in the promo tile found in the “Progress” tab of the pause menu.

As of this post, the total number of vehicles available for capture is 275.

With more DLC, we will hit the next bonus credit mark.

The bonus credits are awarded st intervals of 20 vehicles. The last being 260 so the next one is at 280. With only 275 cars this is not yet possible, but it will be come march.