problem with 7 day ban?

Hello, i was recently put on a 7 day temporary ban for a vinyl. Today 7/20/15 is the last day of the ban according to the banned message in the message center of fh2. I waited for the time to be up and now it still wont let me access me club, others tunes etc. It still says im on a ban? Any help if its a glitch? Or somehow im permenantly banned right after a 7 day temp ban? Thanks in advance -mchez1863

A seven “day” ban is 148 hours from the time it is placed by the developers, not seven “calendar” days.

A 30-day ban is 720 hours, from the time placed.

A permanent ban is permanent.

In your specific chase, you’re on the second ban phase, having committed an offense on June 21, 2015 (7 days) and now July 10, 2015, for 30 days. I suggest you read the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.