Private Lobby crashes entire Xbox One


I made a private lobby and invited a few friends. There were 4 real people in the lobby and it auto populated 4 AI.

At first I wanted to set up a multi-class race with A and S class. For whatever reason, it would not correctly populate the two player buckets and I was unable to start the race. Every time I attempted to start a race the error message, “CANNOT START RACE. Too many players in PLAYER GROUP 1. Please change player groups and try again”. I found this strange as the layer limit for each bucket was 1 player min and 12 players max. Clearly this would not work.

So, I said “forget it”, let’s all just race A class. I removed the player buckets and we all got into A Class cars. I still could not start the race, every time I tried I got the error message, “CANNOT START RACE. Too many players in PLAYER GROUP 1. Please change player groups and try again”. This wasn’t working so I left the lobby and the new leader was able to start the private lobby just fine. The new leader quit the race and everyone returned to the lobby and I was sent an invite. When I joined we could not start again and the error reappeared.

Here is a good point to note that I was also in a party chat with 2 of the players in the private lobby. I was told my voice sounded as if I had inhaled helium and was speaking very quickly. Another player sounded like a robot stranded underwater. The third player simply could not be heard. Trying to join the lobby, I attempted to SNAP the party chat window. This failed. The screen went dim and the snap icons vanished. I could press directions on the D-PAD and the snap icons would reappear but nothing happened. I was stuck with this dim screen and could not return to either the party chat nor Forza Motorsport 6. The only option I had was to dashboard. From the dashboard I could enter FM6 or Party chat but I could not use the snap feature to go from one to the other.

I tried to use the snap feature to see if it would work but it did not. I highlighted Party Chat and it would not let me quit - the option was not on the menu yet there it was open and “running”.

After I joined the Private Lobby again we still could not start. I decided to reboot Forza. I returned to the dashboard and was able to quit the Forza Motorsport 6 application but still not party chat. Then my entire console froze. I could not move the cursor, simple directional inputs did nothing, but I could still see my microphone icon broadcasting in the open party chat. I had to do a hard reboot on my console. Once the console rebooted, it immediately crashed and rebooted itself twice before turning on and loading the dashboard.

Things to note: I am on the xbox Live Preview Dashboard Program. I am also opted into the New Xbox One Experience however that registration status is currently Enrolled - Enroll Change Pending.
Known Errors for the New xbox One Experience Preview Dashboard for Forza 6 state: "You may encounter graphical errors (screen turns a blue or purple hue) when participating in races.
I am not yet fully transitioned into the New Experience and the stated issue did not occur.

Party Chat is does have the following known error: When entering connected standby mode with a party chat session open, after resuming from connected standby party chat may no longer function.Solution: hard reset. ← What exactly does this mean? Again, I am not yet fully on the program but I bet this has something to do with what happened.

That’s basically what happened - if there is any other information you need from me, please let me know. This is a lot of errors and things going wrong all at once it seems.

Just to add on to this since it has happened again. I have e-mailed the contents of this reply to Turn 10 already, I simply wanted to get awareness out there. Maybe someone has experienced this and can help with a temporary solution, maybe it can provide information to those who have experienced this themselves, it could be useful.


Today, I went to play a multiplayer race for the first time in public multiplayer, not league, not private lobby.

The race began with me on pole and I took off in the lead. I went through the first sweeper on the Rio track and suddenly I hear my microphone light up with people yelling at me about my driving. I didn’t think anything was wrong when suddenly my car is flipping over, glass shattering, getting banged up so I figured it was a wreck. When it didn’t stop I switched views and see my car floating beneath the map spinning.

I’m only publicly sharing the one public video. I did take my own video and have shared that with Turn10 but for the sake of this thread the public Twitch video is fine. The Twitch video can be seen using this link or by going to Twitch and searching for ersjohnson and looking up the Tuning Comp Part 1 video. There are two, but if you look at the 32:30 mark you will see me in a red Ferrari GTO.

ERS JOHNSON was spectating me in multiplayer while he took a race off. If you watch his saved stream from the 32:30 mark until 34:00 you can see what happened.

Afterwards, I quit the race and sat in the lobby hoping to try again next race. After about 20 seconds forza crashed all together and dropped me to the dashboard. Then the console rebooted itself.

I made a post on the forum regarding a similar console crash when attempting to do a private lobby with friends (see above post). Hopefully you can fix this bug as it seems to happen to me every time I go on multiplayer (i know it’s only been twice) but it does make the game unplayable. I’m not sitting here whining I can’t play cause of other people, or the difficulty, or the physics, I literally cannot play without everything crashing. Please fix this.

I’d like to note that this is only in the multiplayer section of the game. his does not happen in the leagues section of the game. I am unsure if this happens because I attempt to play with people on my friends list but that shouldn’t really matter.

An issue I experience in leagues is that whenever someone speaks in the game chat it seriously lags and glitches my game. Someone will speak and suddenly cars are jumping back and forth, I’m wrecking into someone, I’m in a different location on the track and when they stop speaking things return to semi-normal - sometimes there is the aftermath of what happened when it was lagging and sometimes it’s like that stuff never happened.