Pretty Disappointed :c

I have been a forza fan myself since forza 2, and have loved the game. Spent many many of my hours on them. I bought forza 5 a little bit a go and played it, but when it came to buying a car, i was pretty disappointed. Looking through the entire list, of the 9 cars visible at the one time, only once in the entire list is there no DLC car visible, and thats at the end in VW. The sheer amount of DLC is unbelieveable! And its all the good cars too. It seems to be anything even slightly odd about a car compared to your every day car or your track car, is DLC. Some i understand, like the ford de luxe coupe, or the ford eco boost, but things like the Charger R/T or the ford EscortRS1800, or even the little Ferrari dino! nah. I just think they have been a bit overboard with DLC and wish that when i bought the game, i got the whole game, not what feels like 3/4 of it. Fair enough you try to expand the game, i get that, but if you are gonna add that much atleast put more in the base game. I did a quick count, and 109 out of 290 cars are DLC (give or take a few, i counted relatively quickly, didnt want to be there all day). My point being, its a bit much. Love forza, love 5 so far, the game is beautiful and is extremely fun, but i feel as though i need to buy the reast of it. I know theres nothing that can/will be done, and i just hope forza 6 will change. Getting train sim vibes here.

Rant over~

It was a launch title and they had to make the date, they let everyone know before it came out exactly what you were getting.(FM4 had more DLC by the way)

And if you’ve been playing attention to FM6 news it will have over 400 cars at launch

FM6 will have 450 cars at launch and is adding 5 from VIP and a minimum of 42 from planned monthly DLC. You have the choice of waiting an extra six months after launch if you want to evaluate all the content before purchasing. DLC allows the rest of us to purchase and play now and add later if we choose.


Aye, FM5 had a pretty weak garage, by FM standards, out of the box. Not meaning to be rude, but that was well known, and with a little research on your end you’d have known too.

On the up, they’ve slashed the price of the car pass, getting you most of those cars for $20.

Or, just make do with what you got with the game for now, as FM6 drops in less than 2 months.


If you think about it, from the time FM5 came out to when FM6’s projected release date was made public. Turn 10 probably knew that FM5 wasn’t going to be a big money maker. so even a little of the thinking behind all the dlc could be that they’re trying to make a little money. I have no clue how much it costs to make an installment of forza but im betting its a pretty expensive project. So, i just bought the car pack deal when i bought the XB and the game

I’m more disappointed in things like no storefronts. No auction house. No cohesion in the community. No detailed lap time tracking. I’d like to be able to see specific lap times with specific cars. Oh, and fujimikaido missing is something that I don’t see getting rectified either.

It is what it is bro. Launch titles rarely satisfy the appetite. It ain’t bad though. I go to Horizon 2 whenever I feel FM5 ain’t satisfying the soul.