Premium edition vs premium add-ons bundle

As a game pass subscriber you can spend $45 for the premium add-ons bundle which gives you everything you would get in the $100 premium edition, thanks to game pass giving you the standard version of the game for free. The concern is, like some of the older Horizons that have been pulled off the Microsoft store, is it possible in a few years Horizon 5 would be removed from the store which would then also remove it from game pass? At that point you would be stuck with a bundle on a game you couldn’t play. I suppose when it gets close to that point there should be an announcement and you could pick up the standard version pretty cheap.

Wondering if anybody that’s a game pass subscriber is just going to spend a few extra dollars, buying the premium edition, to make sure they have license ownership indefinitely.

I have Game Pass but I am still buying the Premium edition. I play Forza games more than an other games and I always preorder the best edition. Like you said, I don’t want to risk not having the base game in the future. Plus, I saved money on no preorders the past two years, so the extra cost is easier to cover.

Im pretty hooked on Game Pass. So if the game is all show and no go l’ll just play the free version. If it’s good l’ll buy the add-on set. Then later on when they discount the game l’ll buy the standard.
If it goes all to hell and there’s never any sales(…) there’s only a +15 loss in my market for buying the full price standard for 70 and add-on set for 45, compared to premium version 100.

Thought MS stated that MS owned studios games within game pass would never be removed.

I bought the premium addon bundle. If they do about face and remove FH5 from gamepass by that state it would be cheap to pick up the std version anyway.

I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation for Forza games which have licensing complications. It might not come in the near future, but I don’t expect these games to remain on the store beyond the end of this decade, if even that long.

But he is right in a certain way…all xbox game studios titles will remain in service, until they get delisted (like FM7).
I bought the premium addons bundle because I’m a Game Pass Ultimate member and won’t need to buy the base game.

Found this in an article on Windows Central. According to that article, Aaron Greenberg of XBox has confirmed that first party XBox games will all be on Game Pass permanently.

Update, January 25, 2018: Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg and Major Nelson have now confirmed that Microsoft Studios titles will be permanently available as part of Xbox Game Pass, making them effectively like Netflix Original shows. Pretty awesome.


i pre ordered the premuim add on bundle for forza horizon 5, it only has in it the 2 expansion packs, but is meant to include the vip, welcome pack and car pack.Is this just a glitch at moment and will these be added to the premium add on bundle before launch.also when u try to launch forza five its says november 9th, surely with the premium add on bundle it should be saying november 5th.

I’m not sure if the same thing will apply to FH5, but I had purchased DLC for Forza Motorsport 7 after getting the base game for free on Game Pass. I remember getting a notification saying that the game will be removed from Game Pass soon but since I had bought some of the DLC, it would give me a free copy of the game so I could keep playing even after it’s taken off of Game Pass.

Figured it might be worth mentioning that.

Got myself premium add on bundle this time round. Reason for that: got 3x 12 months Xbox live gold from cdkeys. Got 1x month game pass Ultimate and ended up with 3 years of game pass Ultimate. Make sure you have no subscription prior of loading Gold. Otherwise conversation is not 1:1. Much cheaper this way than paying monthly.

It will be on Game Pass for at least a few years, by then the base game will have a significant discount. That’s what I did with FH4 - I bought premium upgrade, and then the base game went down to £18 so now own the whole thing forever.
You’ll know in advance when the game is coming off Game Pass, and it won’t be until probably 2025/6 at the earliest

Forza 3 was removed, and I think FM7 is gone now as well