Game pass and the premium add-on bundle

So my understanding is if I have game pass ultimate I can just buy the premium add-on bundle and I’ll have everything as if I bought the full deluxe pack or whatever it’s called. Question I had was: in the future if they drop the sale of horizon 5 like they have done with previous versions (because of licensing of music/cars I believe) and for some reason game pass goes away or changes, would I be stuck without a working copy of horizon 5 since it will no longer be purchasable?

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From Xbox Support:

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Yea, premium add on gives everything just like if you bought ultimate edition. I did the same thing for FH4. You can always buy the game later on if problems do arise. Ex. Forza 7 was heavily discounted.

Do you know how much the premium add on is? I want to try FH5 first with Gamepass and might buy the addons, and the base game later if it pays off.

So for example premium add ons 50€ and I buy the base game later for 30€ it’s fine.

But if the Premium Edition would be 90€, and the addons are 50€ and base game is still 50€ of course buying the better edition directly is cheaper…

Premium add-on is 50 USD, I’m not sure about the price in your currency. If you have Game pass ultimate, it is discounted to 45 USD and the game would be too. You are better off buying the add-on pack and then waiting for the base game to go on-sale.