Hey all back in the forza 4 forums I had a great responce to this so here is hoping this one goes well too :blush:

Please post pics of your fast fords here this can be anything from the new 2017 GT or and ford fiesta covered in rust

If your a fast ford fan then post some pics I will add some later on today once I can make some more vynals as only had the chance to make the ford badge and licence plates lol

Keep up the love of the blue oval

2009 Ford Focus RS

Ford escort cosworth time attack

fiesta rally

GetPhoto (14) by craig mosley, on Flickr

Fast Ford, well as fast as a 1960’s ford could be…

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Amazing cars guys

Just a few mustangs:




Gulf GT

Gulf GT

EPIC picture!

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![Psycho Stang](http:// “Psycho Stang”)

Again guys some really nice fast fords here keep up the great work

Nice designs so far,

Here’s my Reyland rep

One of the greatest Fords EVER…!!!

Find them all in my sharefront…

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Simple paint, but you have to start somewhere!! Its based on a model car I have.