Plz help, all my cars are gone

Weird glitch maybe? Went to the autoshow, it went straight to the view of my car I was driving! and I could not do anything! no buttons worked. So after a couple mins, I minimized the game and ejected the disc. Then after I reloaded the game, all my cars were gone, and the game put my in a BMW z04, which I never owned. All of my other stats are there, my player level which is 27, and my money is still there, just no cars. I’m playing on the xbox one, and just upgraded my membership to VIP via forza hub. I really hope someone can help

You never find any help in this forum!!! Maybe twitter?

If that’s the case why are you posting on here.

Try sending Mechberg a pm with full details of your issue

Never eject the disc without quitting the game first - minimizing the game is not properly quitting. For future reference: minimize the game then, with the Forza Horizon 2 tile highlighted, press start and select the ‘quit’ option. You may very well have ejected the disc while the game was auto saving and, as a result, you may have corrupted your save file.

To determine if you can return to your previous gameplay moment, I would shut down the console completely by holding down the Xbox One’s power button (not the controller’s) until it turns off completely. Then reboot.

Thx for the ideas, i will send mechberg a pm

I’d try the advice by shadow edge first and see how you go.

Never just turn the game off though always quit it properly as described above.

Corrupted gamesave how is that possible?

It’s still showing that I own 17 cars cars, but I have just 1. And for,some reason all my bucket list challenges reset, game progress is still there. Barnfinds are lost as well

I too am having this problem. Happened under slightly different circumstances but none the less results were the same. I quit as described above and I still lost my 3 million plus $ garage. It seems that there is an issue saving and games are being corrupted because of this.