I lost all of my cars!!! Help!!!

So this morning I turned on my Xbox One to play Horizon 2 for a bit and it started me off in a car meet with a BMW z4 that I have never owned before. When I went to change cars, all of them were missing. The only car I currently own is the BMW which came out of nowhere. All of my other things are fine. I still have all of my money, perks, etc. The only thing that went wrong is that these cars were missing. I played yesterday night and everything was perfectly fine. Also, when I go to check my barn finds and press “Get in car” it freezes up completely. I have tried restarting the game multiple times, but to no avail. Is this happening to anyone else??? Did you fix it? And how? I would really hate to have to restart the entire game as I have a lot of money, experience and almost all the perks. Thanks.

I have the same problem and have posted in another post. If you found a solution let me know. I have The same z4 and every thing else gone including all car designs I’ve made. Sux.