Please unban me

About a year ago I went into the store front and bought a no bumper tune unlocked, and I sold it because I didn’t wand it and I put it on the auction house for 5 mill. just to see if it would sell, and it did so I made about 20 of them and sold them and I got around 100 million dollars. I got put under review and I stopped doing it and they banned me until 2042 and I did not even get a warning. I did not know I wasn’t supposed to do that and if I did I would not have done it to begin with. Please if u can help or unban me my gamers tag is- BKG Rage Please and thanks

Hacking the game is a permanent - 20-year - ban. It is clearly stated in the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct and additionally on the back of every game box sold for the Xbox consoles. It is an illegal activity.

Neither bans nor enforcement of the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct by Turn 10 are discussed on these forums. You would need to send an email to

Before you attempt to waste time and effort, read these parts of the Code of Conduct. We all agree to abide by them:

F. Cheating & Tampering

•Do not cheat in a game unless the developer has deliberately enabled cheats.
Do not use unauthorized hardware or modifications.
•Do not exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches.
•Do not make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents, including but not limited to tenure, Avatar, saved games, Gamerscore, or achievements.
•Do not intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods.
•Do not play any illegitimately obtained software or pirated games.
•Do not take any action to cause degradation of service for Microsoft or other users, including but not limited to network interference or manipulation.
•Do not play a game before it has been authorized for play on the service.

K. Consequences of Violations

If you violate the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use, action(s) may be taken against your account and/or console, including but not limited to the following:

•Some offenses warrant an immediate permanent suspension, including but not limited to: